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Enjoy the flexibility of multiple currencies.

Enjoy the flexibility of multiple currencies.

You could never have imagined that you could switch your deposit currency this easily.
The Super Switch deposit from Citibank allows you to keep changing the currency of your deposit at any time, so
you could have the opportunity to gain from higher interest rates, as well as potential gains from exchange rates.


Right for you if:


Right for you if:
  1. You want a deposit that gives you the flexibility to switch to the currency of your choice.
  2. You want to get the best deals on exchange rates.
Product Information

It is a simple deposit with many conveniences.

  You can do currency exchanges, twice a day through the 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking or Citibank branch (from 9 AM – 12 PM and 2 PM – 4 PM) .   You have the freedom to choose your investment period (available in 1, 3 or 6 months).
  You have a wide option of nine currencies: USD, EUR, AUD, NZD, JPY, GBP, CAD, SGD, CHF.

We'll make sure you get the best exchange rate - at any time.

  You can count on 24/7 support from our team of FX specialists to help you determine the currency that maximizes your benefit.
  • Has only 1 (one) time/ Single Maturity* Date (No tenor extension every time you switch the currency)
  • Account Roll Over (ARO) for principle and interest.
  • Minimum booking must be equivalent to USD 10,000.
  • You can terminate your deposit by filling in "Super Switch Deposit Termination Form".

* Switching is done to the principal value + interest earned with tax of the deposit Upon maturity, Bank will pay the principal + interest with tax to your savings account according to your instruction written in the product form

Features & Benefits

It is our priority to make sure our customers enjoy many benefits from our service.

Flexibility of access and convenience transaction at anytime, anywhere are just some of the privileges we offer you. Here are more features to enjoy when you banking with us :

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Interactive internet banking services through Citibank Online.

CitiPhone Banking 24-Hour at 69999.

Eligibility Criteria
  Minimum age - 18 years.   Must have a Citibank savings account


* Opening a Citibank Super Switch Deposit Account requires your NPWP.