Citi Cash Back

Save more money all year long.

Save more money all year long.

The Citi Cash Back card offers you up to 3% cash back on your purchases. Truly a great way to save on your day to day purchases.

Top 3 Reasons:
Cashback Card


Top 3 Reasons:
  1. Get Cash back up to 3% at selected merchants.
  2. Save up to IDR 500,000 per month for any transaction.
  3. Get discounts on your EazyPay and 1Bill payment with Cash back.
Features & Benefits

You can save up to IDR 500.000 per month or up to 3% cashback for any transaction with Citi Cash Back Card at selected merchants.

Basic Cash Back

You can save a lot more with Basic Cash Back in every transaction. Get cash back for every transaction including:

  • Monthly Installment.
  • Citibank EazyPay installment.
  • Citibank 1Bill.

Cash withdrawals, annual fee payment, administrative fee, charges and Credit Shield Plus transactions will not receive cash back reward.

Basic Cash Back Percentage table

Transaction Value/Period % Basic Cash Back*
up to IDR 6 million 1%
IDR 6 million up to Rp 12 million 2%
more than IDR 12 million 3%
  • * Maximum cash back amounted to IDR 500.000 per month or IDR 6 million per year.
  • * Minimum cash back redemption amount IDR 40.000 per month.

Basic Cash Back illustration:

Basic cash back received within one billing period. = Basic cash back percentage x Total new purchase transaction within particular period.

Bonus Cash Back

You can also receive a Bonus Cash Back from Citibank Partner's special programs Bonus Cash Back program applies certain terms and conditions according to the partner/program.

Bonus Cash Back Illustration:

Bonus Cash Back = Bonus cash back percentage offered by partners/programs in a period x Total transaction for partner's/programs merchandise according to the program's period.
  • Citibank World Privileges

    Citibank World Privileges

    Wherever you see the logo of Citibank World Privileges enjoy exclusive privileges and discounts from many of your favorite merchants such as restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls worldwide.

  • Citibank 1Bill

    Citibank 1Bill

    There is no need to burden your mind and waste your time anymore just to pay various bills. Register your routine bills on Citibank 1Bill and let us take care of it.

  • Citibank Isi Pulsa

    Citibank Isi Pulsa

    You can top up your prepaid mobile phone credit using Citibank credit card, anytime, anywhere. Just send a text message to 8887 and your prepaid number will get topped up. This service is valid for prepaid numbers from Telkomsel, Indosat, Excelcomindo Esia, Mobile 8 and Hutchinson.

  • Credit Shield Plus

    Credit Shield Plus

    With low premium of 0.69%, you are protected from the inability to pay your credit card bills whenever you experience an accident that causes temporary or permanent disability, or you are diagnosed with critical illness, and/or death due to accident or illness.

  • Indonesia Airport Lounge

    Indonesia Airport Lounge

    As a Citibank Cardholder, you will enjoy exclusive access to Citibank Airport Lounges for both international and domestic flights throughout 7 cities in Indonesia.

  • Citi Alerts Service

    Citibank Alert Service

    Get immediate alerts for transactions on your card. You are also automatically protected against unauthorized Credit Card transactions for upto 5 Million.

Balance Cash Back
0 - 6mio Rp60,000.00 1%
6-12mio Rp240,000.00 2%
above 12mio Rp450,000.00 3%