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Citi Rewards.
Ideas make them brilliant.

Citi Rewards. Ideas make them brilliant.



Redeeming Your Point is Now Just an SMS Away!

Experience an easy way to receive cash back by redeeming your Citi Rewards Point/ Miles. For every transaction that is eligible for the program, you will receive an offer on your Citi Rewards Point / Miles redemption via SMS. Follow the SMS instruction and you will be able to enjoy the cash back easily.

View How To Redeem via SMS, click here.

Citi Rewards Point/Miles Redemption via SMS Terms & Condition, click here.

Experience Memorable Travel with Points.

Redeem your Miles and Citi Rewards Points to Airlines Mileage, Hotel Points and access to Airport Lounge to enjoy your travelling moments.



Spend and Get Free Annual Fee on Your Card with Points

Spend as much as possible and gain accumulated Citi Rewards Points for your Citi Credit Card Annual Fee Redemption.



Chances are, you want more than just to redeem your rewards. With the new CitiRewards, you'll find ideas that will turn your rewards into something brilliant.

Click here for visit CitiRewards Or contact CitiPhone Banking 24 Hours at (021) 252-9999

Announcement - Perubahan Pada Perolehan Citi Rewards Points, Cash Back atau Mileage.

Dear Valued Customer,
Starting from the 24th of July 2014, transactions converted to installment at merchants, transactions converted to EazyPay by Phone and cash feature through Loan on Phone will not be included in the earning of Citi Rewards Points, Cash Back or Mileage. There will be no Citi Rewards Points, Cash Back or Mileage rewarded for current on-going monthly installment. Citi Rewards Points, Cash Back and Mileage will still be rewarded for all retail transactions . For more information, please call 24 Hours CitiPhone Banking service at(021) 252-9999 or 69999 from your mobile.

Announcement for Citibank Rewards Points Earning

We would like to inform you effective on 5 Feb 2013, Credit Card Citi Platinum,Gold, Telkomsel and Rewards will earn 1(one) Citi Rewards point for every transaction of Rp 3.000,- . For Credit Card Citi Silver and Telkomsel Classic will earn 1 (one) Citi Rewards Point for every transaction of Rp.5.000,- ( based on transaction posting date ). Citibank reserves the rights to change the Rewards Points value ( earning & redemption ) from time to time subject to the bank's policy without prior notice.


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What is "Citibank Rewards"?

Citibank Rewards is a program designed exclusively for Citibank Cardmember and is our way of saying "Thank You" every time you use your Citibank Visa or Citibank MasterCard. For each retail purchase on your Citibank Card you will automatically earn Rewards Points, which can later be redeemed for various free Rewards items.

Who is eligible to participate in Citibank Rewards?

Citibank Rewards Program is specially offered to existing Citibank Cardmember; which are in good status (have no problem) and will be automatically enrolled in this program.

How are Rewards Points earned?

For every retail transaction of Rp 3.000 ( on your Citibank Platinum, Gold, Telkomsel and Rewards Card ) or Rp 5.000,- ( on your Citibank Silver and Telkomsel Classic Card ) , you will earn 1 (one) Citibank Rewards point.

Are there any transactions, which do not accumulate Points?

Yes. Cash withdrawals, annual fees, Supplementary Card fees, interest, cash withdrawal charges, bounced check fees, late charge fees, insurance premium payments, and all other fees/charges will not earn Rewards Points. This program is solely for retail purchases on your Citibank Visa and Citibank MasterCard.

Will purchases made on Citibank Supplementary Cards accumulate Points?

Yes. All retail purchases on Citibank Supplementary Cards will also earn Points, and will be included in the total Points earned by the Basic Citibank Cardmember.

In case a Cardmember has both a Citibank Visa and Citibank MasterCard, can Points earned through the 2 cards be combined together for redemption?

Yes. They can be combined, but the Points earned in one card cannot be transferred to the other cards.

How can the Points be redeemed?

Each time you have collected enough Points for a Rewards item of your choice, you can just call the CitiPhone Banking 24 Jam at ( 021) 252 9999. or by accessing Citibank website During the fulfillment of redemption request, if a particular Rewards item, as specified in Citibank Rewards offer, were not available, it would be replaced with another brand/model of similar price/quality.

How long will it take to receive the Rewards?

We will deliver within 3-4 weeks after the CitiPhone Banking 24 Hours receives your redemption instructions. All Rewards items will be delivered only to the Basic Cardmember's billing address (home or business, based on the most recent address available in our records) and shall not be delivered to any other address. Rewards items cannot be picked up in person from either the Citibank office or the CitiPhone Banking 24 Hours. All Rewards gifts that have already been redeemed cannot be exchanged, cancelled, or returned

Who are authorized to receive the Rewards items delivery?

If you use home address as your billing address, your family member can receive the Rewards items that are delivered to you. If the items are received by non family member, you have to give a written Power of Attorney and it should be attached with stamp duty.

Can the Rewards items be exchanged for cash?

No. They cannot be exchanged for cash.

What happens in the case of lost cards?

Points accumulated before the card is lost will still be valid for redemption. After a new card is issued, the accumulated Points from the lost card will be transferred to the new card account.

How can the Rewards Points be exchanged for Citibank Regional Partners?

You have to be a member of Regional Partners first. Information on applying to be a member of Regional Partners comes directly to their Hotline Services Numbers. Whenever your account number is ready, Rewards Points can be redeemed by quoting your account number. You can redeem any amount of your Rewards Points you have with minimum amount stated on the table.

How long will it take to redeem Points to Citibank Regional Partners?

It needs 2-3 weeks to transfer the Points to Citibank Regional Partners and become available for your use in each partner. Redemption printed on your Billing Statement, without any exception.

What if the stock in Citibank Rewards offer is not available anymore?

Citibank will not arrange additional orders when the items are out of stock. This is why we suggest you to redeem available points with available items.

For Rewards option (Points + Rupiah installment), can it be done if the point is less than what it has been stated, but the installment is higher?

No. For this Rewards option (Points + Rupiah installment), you have to have the minimum required Points as stated in the Citibank Rewards offer.

For Rewards option (Points + Rupiah installment), do cardholders earn Rewards Points on the Rupiah payment?

Yes, but for the 'principal' only. You will not earn points for the 'interest' payment.

What if the Cardholder would like to pay for the total Rupiah installment before the due date?

The procedure is based on the Terms & Condition of EazyPay program.

Is there any other important information?

Yes. Please note that if you are late on your payment against your monthly billing statement, your Points accumulation for retail purchases will be temporarily suspended until such time that the credit standing of your card account is good again. Similarly, at such times, Points already earned will be 'frozen' and redemption will not be allowed.

How can Rewards Points be earned faster?

It is simple - all you have to do is remember to only use your Citibank Card whenever you are shopping, dining, traveling, etc. Instead of using cash or any other card, always use your Citibank Visa or MasterCard - that way you will earn Points faster.

Terms and Conditions

1. General Provisions and Definition

1.1 Customers who have Citibank Credit Card hereinafter referred as the "Cardmember". Citi Credit card Visa Silver/Gold and Platinum, MasterCard Silver/Gold and Platinum, Visa Telkomsel and Visa Telkomsel Classic including the entire supplementary and still active hereinafter referred as "Credit Card". This definition excludes CitiClear Card.Citibank N.A. Indonesia is a Company refers to United States Law in which acting through all the Branches in Indonesia hereinafter referred as "Citibank". A program designed exclusively for Citibank Cardmember hereinafter referred as "Citibank Rewards" or "CRP".Gift or Certificates/Vouchers defined by Citibank as in the Rewards program hereinafter referred as "Rewards". Rewards Points earned by Cardmember as defined below hereinafter referred as "Points".
1.2 The purpose of the "CRP" is to reward the Cardmember for his/her loyalty in the use of the Credit Card. Under the CRP, the Cardmember earns "Points" which can later be redeemed for free "Rewards".
1.3 Every definition in this terms and conditions are in addition to Citibank Credit Card's terms and conditions.

2. Participations

2.1 The CRP is offered exclusively to the Cardmember as long as his/her Credit Card account is in good standing;
2.2 Every Cardmember who meets the terms and conditions of the Credit Card, as defined in 1.1. will be automatically enrolled into the CRP unless otherwise specified by the Bank. Citibank has the full rights to determine whether or not a particular Cardmember can be enrolled into the CRP on the date that their new credit card is issued.
2.3 Citibank has the rights, from time to time at its own discretion, to review and determine the status of Cardmember enrolled in the CRP. Citibank will inform Cardmember that will be excluded from the program.

3. Rewards Points

3.1 The calculation of Points will begin when the Cardmember is enrolled into the CRP.
3.2 Point's calculation based on the total amount of retail purchases made on the Credit Card including Supplementary Cards, during the period of the CRP. In condition that Citibank has the right to change, add qualification includes but not limited to determine what transactions constitute valid retail purchases, during the period of the CRP. Cash withdrawals, annual fees of Basic or Supplementary Card, finance charges, charges for cash payments, charges for cash withdrawal, charges of bounced checks, premium payments for insurance, any other kind of charges and penalties, and retail transaction made prior to the commencement of the CRP, will not be included in the calculation of Points.
3.3 During the period of the CRP, the Cardmember will acquire one Point for every Rp3.000 (three thousand Rupiah) on Citi Platinum, Gold, Telkomsel and Rewards Card or Rp 5.000,- ( five thousand Rupiah ) on your Citibank Silver and Telkomsel Classic Card of retail purchases charged on the Cardmember's Citibank Visa or Citibank MasterCard. For overseas retail transaction, Citibank's conversion rate prevalent on the date of posting the transaction to the Cardmember's Credit Card account will be used.
3.4 Citibank reserves the rights to change its redemption value (Rewards Points).
3.5 During CRP Period, Cardmember is not restricted to the frequency and number of Points redeemed.
3.6 All unredeemed Points at the end of the program period, are still redeemable in the next program unless otherwise specified by the Bank.
3.7 In the event of falsification of transactions, dispute of transactions, or any other matter, which Citibank believes does not fulfill the conditions for the Points calculation, the Cardmember's total Points accumulated will be reduced by the number of Points related to the concerned transaction(s). Similarly if the transaction(s) proved otherwise, Citibank will adjust the Cardmember's points.
3.8 Citibank reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend or cancel the Points calculation if the Cardmember violates the terms and conditions of the Credit Card.
3.9 Citibank shall not be responsible for any events beyond its control such as strikes, natural disasters (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.), demonstrations that cause damage of equipment, and war, or change of policies from the government of the Republic of Indonesia or the United States of America, which influence the capability of Citibank to implement the CRP. In the case of such events, the Cardmember cannot hold Citibank responsible in any way, and cannot make any claim against Citibank pertaining to the CRP.
3.10 Points of the CRP cannot be transferred to another Cardmember and cannot be encashed. Citibank has full authority to determine the latest number of the total Points based on the data owned by Citibank.
3.11 For the Cardmember who has 2 (two) Credit Cards, the accumulation of Points from each individual card can be added together for the purpose of redemptions.
3.12 If the Cardmember closes his/her Credit Card account during the period of the CRP, Points earned will be cancelled totally and cannot be redeemed anymore. The Rewards Points can still be redeemed before the closing of the account.
3.13 Similarly, for the Cardmember who has 2 (two) Credit Cards, if the Cardmember closes one Credit Card, the existing Points acquired from the closed Credit Card will be cancelled totally and cannot be redeemed anymore. Such Points cannot be transferred to the second Credit Card, but can still be redeemed before the closing of the account.

4. Rewards Items

4.1 At the time of redeeming Points for any Rewards item(s), the Credit Card of the Cardmember must be in good standing as per the Terms and Conditions of the Credit Card.
4.2 All Rewards will be delivered by the CitiPhone Banking 24 Hours via post or courier to the billing address of the Cardmember. Deliveries will not be made to any other address.
4.3 Delivery of the Rewards shall depend on the stock availability of a particular item(s) and the capability of the CitiPhone Banking 24 Hours to fulfill the request from the Cardmember. Citibank has the right to select the color of the items offered in this catalogue.
4.4 The CitiPhone Banking 24 Hours needs 3 (three) to 4 (four) weeks to process the redemption request and deliver the Rewards item(s) claimed by Cardmember.
4.5 Citibank shall not be responsible for any loss or theft of the Rewards once delivered to the Cardmember, and shall not be responsible for any accident or damage caused by the Rewards item(s) after received/ during use by the Cardmember.
4.6 The Cardmember shall address all claims/inquiries arising from the processing or delivery of Rewards items, directly to the CitiPhone Banking 24 Jam.
4.7 Citibank does not offer any guarantee for any Rewards items. The descriptions of the Rewards items are according to the information by the supplier(s) of Citibank. After-sales service and batteries are not included in the Rewards items presented in the Rewards program. If the Cardmember accepts the Rewards in damaged condition, he/she has to notify the CitiPhone Banking 24 Jam within 3 (three) working days, after which claims for replacement will not be entertained. All delivery cost will be fully borne by Cardmember.
4.8 Rewards items that have been claimed cannot be returned/exchanged with cash or other Rewards items.
4.9 The Cardmember shall not be liable for any taxes related to the Rewards items.
4.10 Citibank reserves the right to discontinue the availability of Rewards items. If for some reason certain Rewards items are not available, Citibank will inform Cardmember at the time of redemption. Citibank shall not be liable for any claims caused from such condition.
4.11 Rewards in the form of vouchers or Citibank Rewards Service certificates do not include any charges for reservation, insurance and so forth. Any such charges shall be fully borne by the Cardmember and direct to the merchant.
4.12 Cardmember has to be a member of program regional partners before redeeming his/her Points. Citibank Regional Partners are, but not limited to, Krisflyer Programme, Worldperks, Asia Miles, Royal Orchid Plus, Garuda Indonesia.Transfer of Points to Citibank Regional Partners need 2 (two) to 3 (three) weeks for each Regional Partner.

5. Redemption Via Citibank EDC Machine

5.1 Maximum Rewards Points redemption via EDC is up to 20% of total purchase, wherein the percentage of maximum redemption can be changed by Citibank at any time without prior notification
5.2 Rewards Points Redemption cannot be cancelled or voided

6. Other Provisions

6.1 These Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time without prior notice and Citibank will not be held liable to provide reasons for such changes. Citibank will inform the Cardmember upon such changes.
6.2 Citibank reserves the right to suspend or terminate the CRP at any time by giving written notice to the Cardmember.
6.3 Citibank has made all attempts for the accuracy of the information in every Citibank Rewards communication.
6.4 These Terms and Conditions of the CRP are made in Indonesian and English versions. In the event that any interpretation of these Terms and Conditions is necessary only the Indonesian version shall have legal validity.