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Now access your account from your home or office without going to a Citibank branch.

Now access your account from your home or office without going to a Citibank branch.

We understand how important your time is. Without being disrupted from your busy schedule, you can meet your banking needs via Citibank Online anytime, anywhere.

Right for you if:


Right for you if:
  1. You do not have time to go to a Citibank branch.
  2. You want the flexibility and convenience of transacting anytime, anywhere.
  3. You want to take control of managing your finances.

Enjoy the convenience of online banking.

Comprehensive account summary.

You can access all your Citibank accounts, including credit card information with a single click. You can also avail:

  • Summary of balance
  • Detailed accounts and activities.
  • E-Registration Statement.
  • Access to E-Statements.

Easy and safe for transactions, both domestic and international.

  • Free realtime transfer or through clearing to all banks in Indonesia*.
  • FREE realtime forex transfer via facsimile to your global business partners**.
  • Free realtime transfer to other Citibank accounts in 25 countries through Citibank Global Transfer.
Participating Countries
Australia India Taiwan
Bahrain IPB: Europe Turkey
Belgium Japan UAE
China Malaysia UK
Colombia Mexico US
Egypt Pakistan Vietnam
German Philippines
Greece Poland
Guam Singapore
Hong Kong Spain
  • * A maximum of GBP 99,999,999 per transaction in clearing transactions per day. Funds will be sent to you in 2-3 business days.
  • Maximum limit of transactions ** USD 9,999. Funds will be sent to you in 2-5 business days.

More profit from your online banking transactions, such as:

Changing your credit card transactions into installment.

You can easily change your credit card transactions into installment transactions with a minimum of Rp. 500.000, and enjoy a flat rate of 0.99% / month for a 3-36 month loan tenure or equal to 1.75% effective interest rate per month*.

* Applies only to credit cards. The interest rate can change at any time. Terms and Conditions apply.

Opening deposit accounts.

Avail special rate on opening an online deposit account.

Managing personal budget is now much easier.

Manage your Citibank credit card usage online, to have better control over your financial flow anytime, anywhere.

Only one log-in for all your Citibank accounts.

Citibank Global View allows you to access all your Citibank accounts both at home and abroad, using the single sign-on.

  • You do not need a separate login to access all your Citibank accounts, both locally and internationally.
  • You can easily manage all Citibank accounts, both locally and internationally.
  • You can monitor all your account balances and obtain a brief Summary of all your Citibank accounts.
Countries participating in the Citibank Global View
Australia Malaysia Singapore IPB
China Philippines UAE
Guam Taiwan UK
Hong Kong Thailand US
India NRI Singapore
Favorite Features

Enjoy the latest online innovations to ease your daily banking transactions.

Real-time online transfer of funds with shared ATM network.

Now the transfer of funds to the rest of Indonesia is so easy. With Citibank Online, enjoy Free REAL TIME transfers to more than 70 banks in Indonesia with a joint ATM network.

Just 3 easy steps to transfer real-time:

  • Transfer funds instantly to over 70 banks in Shared ATM networks. Free transfer fee for the first 10 transactions per day, Rp 5,000 for subsequent transactions. Maximum transfer of Rp 25 million per day and $ 10 million per transaction.
Bank List
FREE Transfer Funds Abroad

Instant account notification to your mobile

Security & Privacy
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