Easy access of your monthly electronic statement.

Electronic Statement

Starting 1 July 2015 we will apply fee on printed billing statement at IDR10,000 which will be debited at your billing statement in the following month.

Enjoy extra convenience of receiving and keeping your Citibank consolidated statements, and contributing to save the forest for a cleaner and greener world.

Right for you if:
E-Statement Services


Right for you if:
  1. You want to have a storage where you can keep your consolidated statement uncluttered and accessible from anywhere.
  2. You need to receive your banking, Credit Card, or Ready Credit statement on time.
  3. You want to contribute saving the environment by using less paper.
View eStatement

Get your account statement delivered right to your e-mail!

Uncluttered archive and easy access

Your credit card/banking statement can be accessed thru Citibank Online, until 12 months back! Forget cluttered papers archiving.

Fast delivery

You will receive your e-Statement the moment they are ready in our system. No more delays by conventional mail!


The PDF Electronic Statement is password-protected for your security.

Save Paper

Use less paper and contribute to the preservation of trees in Indonesia

REMEMBER! Your e-Statement standard password is:

How do I enroll for this service?

To enroll for e-Statement, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to Citibank Online
  2. Select �MY PROFILE�
  3. e-Statement/Advices Enroll/Edit
    • Choose �E-STATEMENT/E-ADVICES� and select �Enroll/Edit e-Statement�
    • Verify your email address
    • Select if you wish to enroll for your Statements and eAdvices
    • Select your �Preferred E-mail Address� to deliver e-Statement and Advices
    • If you choose to receive e-Statement and Advices deliver via your personal mailbox. Please customize your e-Statement Password for personal protection.
    • Accept Terms and Conditions
    • Click �NEXT� to further process and �CONFIRM� to complete the transaction
How can I view e-Statement online?

Yes, you can view your e-Statement via our Citibank Online:

  1. Please install Acrobat Reader version 7.0 and above. To find out Acrobat Reader installation, please go to get.acrobat.com/reader/
  2. Login to Citibank Online
  3. Select �MY PROFILE� and click �E-STATEMENT�
  4. Choose �View e-Statement� and select your account/credit card statement
  5. Select period
  6. Pop-up overlay will notify you on e-Statement will be saved in the temporary files of your browser.
  7. Click �PROCEED� to confirm view online e-Statement
What is an e-Statement?
  • Convenient viewing and archive (24 hrs 7 days access anywhere in the world through personal mailbox or Citibank Online)
  • Automatic archive for 12 months statement
  • Faster � sent right to your inbox
  • Secure (Double protection from your personal mailbox and protected with password)
  • Automated bounce management (SMS notification when we cannot deliver your e-Statement)
  • Resend of e-Statement online (Customer can request to resend e-Statement via email by calling CitiPhone 24-Hour)
Who is eligible for e-Statement?

All customers who hold banking, credit card and investments accounts will be eligible to enroll for e-Statement.

Do I need to pay for this service?

This service is offered to you free of charge.

Will I still receive my paper statements if I am enrolled for Citibank e-Statement?

You will not receive any paper statements if you are enrolled for Citibank e-Statement.

Can I choose to receive both paper statements and e-Statement for my accounts?

No, once you have enrolled for e-Statement, you will no longer receive paper statements.

Are there any recommended security measures?

It is recommended that you remove the temporary internet files after viewing your e-Statement from your internet browsers.

Do I have to change my default password which is used to open the password encrypted PDF attachment sent to my email address?

For added security, you are advised to change your default password immediately. You can do so by

  • Login to Citibank Online
  • Select �MY PROFILE� and click �E-STATEMENT�
  • Choose �Enroll/Edit e-statement�
How do I know if my statement is ready for viewing?

An email with your encrypted PDF statement will be sent to your email inbox. If you have chosen not to receive your e-Statement/Advices in your email, you will receive an email notification for each of your accounts whenever your e-Statement/Advices are ready for viewing.

When will I start to receive my e-Statement?

Upon successful enrollment, you will be on e-Statement from the next statement cycle onwards. Every month, your statements will be delivered directly to your personal mailbox in the form of a password encrypted PDF attachment. If you have chosen not to receive your e-Statement in your email, you will receive an email notification for each of your accounts whenever the e-Statement are ready for viewing.

Will I be able to view on my past statements online prior to the enrollment?

Yes, you will be able to view your statements up to the past 12 months.

Which password should I use to access my past statements if I have changed my password recently?

Any change in e-Statement password will only affect next cycle of e-Statement. Your past e-Statement require previous e-Statement password to open.

How long will my e-Statement be stored in my mailbox?

Your e-statement will store in your personal mailbox without expiry date or You can save e-Statement in your personal computer.

How long can I view my online e-Statement?

You will be able to access your statements for up to the past 12 months. To access statements which period is longer than the past 12 months, please call our 24-Hour CitiPhone to request for paper statements. Charges may apply.

How can I save or print a copy of my e-Statement?

You can save or print a copy of your e-Statement by clicking on the 'save' icon or 'print' icon on the top navigation bar of the Adobe Reader software.

If I am a supplementary card holder, can I enroll for e-Statement?

No, only main account holders are able to enroll for e-Statement.