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Citibank Rewards Card: The Most Rewardsing Card
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 Jakarta, INDONESIA: Citibank, N.A., Indonesia, the pioneer in Indonesia's credit card industry, launched the Citibank Rewards Card (CRC) today, September 21, 2011. Citibank Rewards Card is a reward-points-based credit card with accelerated earning system throughout the year.

This new feature allows customer to earn points faster and enjoy rewards redemption for vast arrays of item/experience, such as discounts, free flights, electronic good, free nights at 5-stars hotels/resorts, or even enjoying a culinary experience with Indonesia/Internationally renowned culinary experts by redeeming the point rewards everywhere at anytime. The product launch has taken place at The Dharmawangsa Hotel, Jakarta.

"To offer relevant feature to our customers' needs is the base of our business strategy. Citi Rewards Points is our way to express our gratitude for our customers' loyalty. We understand and answer to our customers' needs", says Tigor M Siahaan, Chief Country Officer (CCO) Citi Indonesia

 Four (4) main features of Citibank Rewards Card (CRC):

  • Accelerated points earning, up to 3x Citi Rewards Points, all year long, for every Rp.2,500 spent in restaurants, department stores, apparel shops and overseas transaction.
  • Evergreen Citi Rewards Points (no expiration date). Customers may keep accumulating their Rewards Points and reach point needed and can be redeemed everywhere at anytime.
  • Convenience in rewards redemption:
    • At participating merchants; from households needs, entertainment to beauty treat; such as at Ace Hardware, The Body Shop, Centro Department Store, J.Co, XXI, Waterboom and hundreds of other favorite brands.
    • Melalui situs online www.citibank.co.id/rewards,, untuk penukaran Gratis Iuran Tahunan, mileage, merchandise maupun donasi.
    • Melalui Citiphone Banking 24Jam
  • Overseas (Cross Border) rewards redemption

One of the unique identities of Citibank Credit Card is the adoption of batik "Mega Mendung" - distinct pattern from Cirebon area - on the card design. This is Citibank’s actualization of its commitment to the preservation of Indonesia’s cultural heritages.

"Mega Mendung represents rain cloud, the carrier of life, which also symbolizes the presence of Citibank in providing the best solutions and convenience in financial services for its customers as manifested in Citibank Rewards Card" said Tigor.

Citibank Indonesia also encourages its Cardholders to support the empowerment programs for batik crafters across the nation through the Yayasan Batik Indonesia foundation, by redeeming the rewards points as donation. Cardholder may participate by simply redeeming their point through www.citibank.co.id/rewards,

"We are honored to have Citi, as a leader in banking industry, to become our partner in proliferating Indonesia’s national culture. Through the use of CRC, we hope to preserve Indonesia’s traditional legacy as that will bring pride and identity to the nation," said Ms. Jultin Ginandjar Kartasasmita the chairman of Yayasan Batik Indonesia. "All of the donations from CRC will be used to fund the development of small-medium batik industries and crafters that work together with Yayasan Batik Indonesia".

As the leader in financial product’s innovation, Citibank will continue to enrich merchant partnership to better serve customers in their shopping activities and reward point’s accumulation. Citibank will also boost the service of its customer service to better attend cardholders’ queries and assist them in experiencing the best benefits of CRC.

Citibank welcomes the existing cardholders to convert their current card to Citibank Rewards card.
For further info and assistance on CRC, consumer can simply visit www.citibank.co.id/rewards, or call Citiphone at 69999 from mobile phone.