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Citi Choice Card
Citi Credit Card - The Choice is yours: IDR 50.000,-  Annual Fee or 2.75% Interest Rate
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Annual Fee
Basic Card        : IDR. 100,000/IDR. 50,000
Supplement  Card : FREE
General Criteria for Citi Choice Card applicants
Citi Choice Basic Card : 21-65 years old
Citi Choice Supplement Card : 17-70 years old
Area Minimum annual income
Jabodetabek IDR 40 Million
Sumatera Utara IDR 36 Million
Banten IDR 34 Million
Batam, Riau & Kalimantan IDR 33 Million
Makasar IDR 31 Million
Bali & Jawa Barat IDR 27.5 Million
Jawa Timur IDR 25 Million
DI Jogyakarta & Jawa Tengah IDR 24 Million
Documents needed Employee Doctor / Lawyer Entrepreneur
Copy of citizen card / Passport / KITAS*
Paycheck (original)
Copy of professional License  
Copy of akte Pendirian / SIUP / TDUP    
Copy of SPT  
If you receive credit limit of Rp.50.000.000,- or more, attach a copy of your NPWP information
* For foreigners, attach a copy of KITAS, passport and local identity from the native country

* Terms and Conditions applied.