I've just changed my ATM PIN / CitiCard / Credit Card recently and then i am not able to log in, what should i do?

Click here to re-register (Note: If you click, you also have to reset all your security questions) or click if you are a First time user

Step 1:

Enter your Citicard / Citibank Credit Card number, and your account number, just as you do when you register your User ID and Password. For Citicard / Credit Card ATM PIN, use the most recent PIN)

Step 2:

The system will immediately verify the data you have entered above, and if the data you entered is correct, then the User ID you entered will be shown on the next screen.

I have unintentionally left Citibank Online but I can't immediately gain access again. Why is that?

This is a security feature in the system that will prevent the unauthorized use of your session by anyone else. It will take about 5 minutes to clear your session before granting you access again.

Step 1:

Enter your Citicard / Citibank Credit Card number, and your Account number, just as you use when you register your User ID and Password. For Citicard / Credit Card ATM PIN, use the most recent PIN)

Step 2:

The system will immediately verify the data you have entered above, and if the data you enter is correct, then the User ID you entered will be shown on the next screen.

I clicked on the 'x' box on the upper right corner of the 'window' and I lost my connection. I tried connecting to Citibank Online but failed to do so. What should I do?

This is a security feature that will require you to exit by either clicking the 'X' box on the upper right corner of the 'window' or the "Sign-Off" at the top right hand corner. In this instance, the system will take about 5 minutes to reconnect you again.

When I have a connection problem overseas, who can I contact?

You will have to call your local Internet Service Provider.

If I have problems with my Citibank Online transactions or access to whom can I request for assistance?

You may call our CitiPhone Banking and cite the relevant error codes where available. This will enable us to identify the problem and give you the necessary assistance.

I have problems accessing my internet, who should I contact for help?

You should approach your own Internet Service Provider for assistance.

I have encountered an error message mentioning JavaScript. What should I do?

You should follow the instructions provided on the JavaScript enabling page.

What should I do if I forget my CitiCard ATM PIN or Credit Card PIN?

To request for a new ATM PIN you can go to any of Citibank's branches located in the Indonesia or request from our CitiPhone Banking. To get a new Credit Card PIN simply create a new PIN through Citi Mobile App.

Where can I obtain a copy of the terms and conditions governing the use of Citibank Online?

You can find the information after you input card number and ATM PIN or credit card PIN in the Citibank Online.

I have no difficulty in accessing Citibank Online previously but I have tried several times today and they all failed. What can I do?

You may wish to follow these simple steps before trying to reconnect:

For Netscape Communicator 4.06 or higher

  • Click on "Edit" and choose "Preferences"
  • Double-click on "Advanced"
  • Choose "Cache"
  • Click on both "Clear Memory Cache" and "Clear Disk Cache"
  • Click on "OK"
  • Close your browser

For Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher

  • Click on "View" and choose "Internet Options"
  • Click on "General"
  • Choose "Temporary Internet Files" and click on "Delete Files"
  • Click on "Yes" to confirm
  • Click on "Yes" to confirm

Browser that supports Citibank Online features

Web Browser Windows ME Windows NT 4.0 Windows 2009 Professional Windows XP MAC Os X
Internet Explorer 5.5          
Internet Explorer 6          
Netscape 7.x          
Mozilla 1.5+          
Safari 1.x          
Now you are ready to reconnect again.

Difficulties login to Express Login?

To use this service, please make sure your Citi Credit Card is active and the data registered in Citibank is still valid. You will be asked in randomly for below data:

  • Your credit card number.
  • CVV2 (CVV2 is the code behind your credit card, printed in the signature area. Please input only the last 3 digits).
  • Credit card limit (Rs)- example: 10000000, without coma and point.
  • Home phone number (the last 4 digits of registered home phone number).

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Using Citibank Debit Card


  1. 'Bank' includes all branches, assisting branches, cash offices or units of Citibank, N.A. in Indonesia.
  2. 'Account' refers to bookkeeping or savings account in Rupiah that is opened at the bank and is the basis for the publishing of the Citibank Debit Card.
  3. 'Report' is transaction details on the Account activity at a certain time that is given by the bank as information for the Card Holder.
  4. 'ATM Network' is Citibank ATM Network and/or Non-Citibank ATM Network.
  5. 'VISA' is VISA International Service Association.
  6. 'Citibank Debit Card (Card)' is a Card published and owned by Citibank, N.A. that functions as an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), a savings/bookkeeping account at the Bank, and a Debit Card that functions as a shopping card in which the cash source comes from the savings and book-keeping account in Rupiah chosen by the Card Holder.
  7. 'Card Holder' is the rightful user of the Card as well as the owner of the Account, at Citibank, N.A. Indonesia.

II. Card Holder Rights and Obligations

  1. By this, the Card Holder states that he or she understands and is willing to follow all Terms and Conditions including service and transaction related to the card.
  2. The card can only be used by the Card Holder, must be signed and cannot be placed into the hands of another. All consequences occurring due to hasty and careless actions or misuse of the card by another person with or without the permission of the Card Holder remains the responsibility of the Card Holder.
  3. The card can be used for purchasing items and service and/or cash withdrawal at Citibank ATMs or non-Citibank ATMS network that cooperate with Citibank and follow the terms and conditions that apply.
  4. If the Card Holder disagrees with the articles of the Terms and Conditions of this card, the Card Holder is not obliged to sign, keep, or use the Card and must immediately return it to the bank after snapping the card into two pieces. The Card Holder is considered to have accepted and agreed the Terms and Conditions if the Card Holder signs, keeps or uses the card.
  5. Upon request of the Card Holder to make use of the ATM function of the card, the Bank will publish the ATM PIN that can be sent to the Card Holder through post. All risks happening during conveyance remains the responsibility of the Card Holder.
  6. The Card Holder is required to maintain the secrecy of the ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number) and keep it carefully to avoid the ATM PIN to be known by another. If the ATM PIN is told or known by a third party, the Card Holder must immediately change his/her ATM PIN. The Card Holder can change the ATM PIN anytime and the Bank has rights to decline the numbers chosen by the Card Holder as an alternate to the original ATM PIN without any reasons. The Bank has rights to change the ATM PIN and end the ATM function of the card anytime without having to provide reasons or send an early notification to the Card Holder.
  7. The Card Holder is responsible for all purchases or cash withdrawals using the card (with or without the acknowledgement or permission of the Card Holder). The savings account of the Card Holder will be automatically reduced of the amount of purchase and or cash withdrawal according to the Bank transaction records.
  8. The Card can only be used for purchase transaction and or cash withdrawal if the Account balance of the Card Holder is sufficient. The system will automatically decline all purchase or cash withdrawal by the Card Holder if the Account balance of the Card Holder is not sufficient.
  9. Card Holder agrees to, on personal expenses, settle every conflict occurring with merchants over items or services that are purchased with the Card, therefore freeing Citibank from any responsibility over the items and services put on the market by merchants. In addition, Citibank is not responsible for the refusal of merchants to receive complaints or request to cash in the value of the card purchase from the Card Holder.
  10. The Card Holder accepts all transaction records to be final and tied to all subjects. However, this does not prevent the Bank from carrying out corrections on Bank records from time to time. If the Card Holder makes a problem out of a certain transaction, he or she must understand that the Bank under its own consideration has the rights to sell or not resell something on credit to the account of the Card Holder in the amount of the troubled transaction.
  11. Related to the correction mentioned in article 10 above, by this, the Card Holder gives authority, which cannot be withdrawn, to Citibank to at all times reduce the account, Deposits, or other accounts in Citibank under the name of the Card Holder. The authority will end when the card is closed. With this, the Card Holder put asides the Stipulation Article 1813 and Article 1816 of the Indonesian Civil Code on ending authorization and giving new authorization.
  12. By this, the Card Holder states full responsibility, therefore freeing Citibank from all forms of demands or sues from a third party including the husband/wife/heir of the Card Holder related to the reduce. The Card Holder by this attaches him/herself and agrees to fully cooperate with Citibank and/or be to any assist if Citibank carries out any of the mentioned actions above and agrees to not do anything that will limit or deprive the rights of Citibank based on the Terms and Conditions.
  13. If the Card Holder files written complaints or objections, they must be attached with a photocopy of ID and supplementary documents according to the terms that apply. If the Card Holder files verbal complaints or objections, Citibank will settle them in 2 (two) working days. However, if the verbal complaints or objections are not settled within the limit of time, Citibank will request the Card Holder or rightful authority to file a written complaint or objection to Citibank with supplementary documents. Written complaints will be settled at least 20 (twenty) working days since the date of the written complaint and can be extended up to another 20 (twenty) working days with a written notification to the Card Holder or his rightful representative.
  14. The Bank has rights to change, add and/or change the terms and conditions stated in the Terms and Conditions. Required to do that, the Bank will inform the Change and to Bank branches and have them inform the Customers, and/or inform them in other forms of media communication.
  15. The Card Holder is required to notify and inform changes in personal data to the Bank. Change of Card Holder data by the Bank is considered valid when the notification is accepted or agreed by the Bank.
  16. The usage of the card will end when the Account is closed by any reasons.
  17. If the usage of the Card is ended by any reasons (including by request of the Card Holder through completing the Card Maintenance Form), the Card Holder is obliged to return the card to the Bank.
  18. If the Card is lost or stolen, the Card Holder must report to the Bank and subsequently write a confirmation in which the Bank can accept the form and content. All transactions made before the report of loss is accepted by the Bank and remains the responsibility of the Card Holder.
  19. Transaction made at ATM machines or merchants using foreign currency will be reduced to the Account after a convert with the exchange rate that is determined by the Bank. The Bank has rights to correct mistakes related to the conversion of the exchange rate and the Card Holder frees the Bank from all demands or sues on the correction of the mistake.
  20. The law in Indonesia will process every banking transaction made by the Card Holder.
  21. The law in Indonesia applies for the Terms and Conditions.
  22. The Card Holder and Bank decides a fixed and permanent domicile at the secretary of the Government Court that has the authorization over the Bank Branch where the account is located.
  23. The Card Holder is required to follow Legislation Regulations that are related to the product and banking service provided by the Bank, especially Regulations of Crime Act of Money Laundry as stated in the Constitutional Law No 15 year 2002, as changed in the Constitutional Law No. 25 year 2003, as well as the Regulations of the Bank of Indonesia and other regulations of conduct.