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Wherever You are,
more than 20.000 ATMs
are Ready to Serve.

Wherever You are, more than 20.000 ATMs are Ready to Serve.


It is very important to ensure that your credit card bill is paid on time, so that you are always able to use your Citibank Credit Card and enjoy its benefits.
Risk - In the event of bill overdue or payment negligence, card holder will be subjected to penalty fee while his/her credit rating in Bank Indonesia Debtor Information System (SID) will be deteriorated.

Payment Methods

You do not have to pay the whole amount of your new balance each month. You just need to pay the minimum payment before the due date.

"To avoid late charges, ensure that your payment is received/posted in your credit card account on the due date at the latest"

Several methods of payment :


a. ATM

You can make payments for your Citi Credit Card bill, free of charge, throughout all Citibank ATMs in Indonesia, if you own a Citibank’s current/ savings account.

b. Internet Banking

It's Free! Visit Citibank Online at to make payment from your Citibank account. Just have your account number and PIN ready.

c. Phone Banking

If you have a Citibank’s current/savings account, you can pay your Citi Credit Card by phone without even have to talk to the Citiphone Officer. Please contact our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at (021) 252-9999 to make a payment using your Citibank’s account. Please make sure you have a TPIN (phone PIN) ready, which functioned as a key to your account access and CitiCard number ready for the verification. For service fees, please click here.

d. Direct Debit

You can give a standing instruction to directly debit your Citibank’s current/savings account to pay your bills from your account. The standing instruction is valid for either full or minimum payment. Your Citi Credit Card's payment will automatically be deducted from your Citibank’s current/saving account on the due date. To ensure the success of the payment, it is important that you have adequate fund in your current/saving account during the time of your Citi Credit Card’s amount due. Please allow at least 1 working day to process your payment transfer for your Citi Credit Card's bill.

e. Cash

For the list of Partner Banks & service fees click here.

ATM Bersama Network

a. ATM Bersama

You can make payments to your Citi Credit Card’s bill from all ATM Bersama throughout Indonesia by choosing the transfer menu. There will be fees & charges implemented on your current / saving account whenever this facility is being used. The amount of the charges may be differ between each bank that you used.

Citibank's Partners

a. Citibank's Partners ATM

You can now make payments to your Citi Credit Card bill from more that 13.500 ATM’s partner banks.

For the list of Partner Banks & service fees click here.

Now, partner Banks’ ATMs provide Real Time Online Payment Service. It means than whenever you make payments from BNI, BRI, BCA, BII, Bank Niaga, Permata Bank or Panin Bank ATMs, your balance will instantly be updated.

Paying through partner Bank ATMs needs at least 2 working days.

b. Internet Banking of Partner Banks

Internet banking is also available for customers of the following banks:

For the list of Partner Banks & service fees click here.

c. Phone Banking of Partner Banks

For the list of Partner Banks & service fees click here.

Payment Guide

Click on the Citibank Partners Bank below for Payment Guide.