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Citi Simplicity Card


The card that keeps it simple

Simpler terms, no hassle

Get the credit, not the fees.
Get the credit, not the fees

Get 10% interest back when you pay at least your minimum due on time. There’s no cap, so the savings can really add up

No Late Fees.
No Late Fees

No late payment charge

No Over Limit Fees.
No Over Limit Fees

We won’t charge you a fee If you go over your credit limit

Top 4 credit card features

Citi World Priviledges
Citi World Priviledges

Get deals and discounts locally & in 95 other countries

Citi PayLite
Citi PayLite

Turn any big purchases inito small payments

Citi FlexiBill
Citi FlexiBill

Turn statements into small payments

Citi Quick Cash
Citi Quick Cash

Instant cash to get things done right away

Freedom to do more with the new
Citi Mobile® App

at a glance

a new card

Secure your

Lock and unlock
your card

Powerful features
on demand

Your world of Simplicity+ starts here.

Get Citi Simplicity+ Card from your phone or computer in an easy signup process.

Annual Fee
Primary: Rp350.000,-
Supplementary: Rp150.000,-

Minimum Income
Rp60.000.000,- per annum

21 years and older


  • Resident Identity Card (KTP)
  • Tax Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Income Proof



  • Passport
  • Tax Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Income Proof


Tems and Conditions

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1. Illustration of Earning 10% Interest Rebate
2. Illustration of No Late Fees
3. Illustration of No Over Limit Fees