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Citibank Global Transfer.

Citibank Global Transfer.

With our Citibank Global Transfer feature, sending money to your loved ones easier and more convenient. Enjoy real-time and free fund transfer to Citibank accounts in more than 15 countries.


Limit & Fee

Account Type Limit Transfer Time Fees
Outgoing* Incoming
Individual USD 10,000 or equivalent USD 10,000 or equivalent real-time Free
Non- Individual USD 9,999 or equivalent real-time Free
*If there is a currency exchange in making outgoing transfers, the applicable limit is USD 9,999 or equivalent per day

Country Participant

Participating countries on Citibank Global Transfer:

Australia** Korea Taiwan
Bahrain Malaysia Thailand
China Mexico United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Hongkong Philippines United Kingdom
India Poland United States
Indonesia Singapore Vietnam

**Citibank Global Transfer (CGT) service to and from Australia will be discontinued effective April 24, 2022.