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Quick and easy banking
on the move.

Quick and easy banking on the move.
Citi Mobile

With Citi Mobile App, you can view information about your account details at the reach of your fingertips in real-time. Do more with one app that allows you to conduct a simpler, faster and safer way of banking with greater flexibility, personalized views and features designed for you to spend less time on it. Once created, the same account information created can also be used as your Citi Mobile App and Citibank Online login.

Get started now, it’s easy to register. All you need is your card details and date of birth.
How to register

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View e-Statement View e-Statement Transfer funds to any domestic or international accounts Transfer funds to any domestic or international accounts
Card Activation Card Activation
See how it’s done
Check FX Rates Check FX Rates
Set 6-digit Card PIN Set 6-digit Card PIN
See how it’s done
Push Notification to receive latest news, updates, and promotions Push Notification to receive latest news, updates, and promotions
Fitur Keamanan Security Features: Take cash loan on credit card (Citi Quick Cash) Take cash loan on credit card (Citi Quick Cash)
Citi Mobile Token Convert transaction and card billing into monthly installment with Citi PayLite and Citi FlexiBill Convert transaction and card billing into monthly installment with Citi PayLite and Citi FlexiBill
Protected OTP Generation Find nearby ATMs and Branches Find nearby ATMs and Branches
Fingerprint sensor and FaceID
Deactivate lost/stolen cards
Open and manage deposits Open and manage deposits
Pay your bills and enjoy rewards with Citi PayAll Pay your bills and enjoy rewards with Citi PayAll

Click here for a walkthrough of
the Citi Mobile App.

Credit Card and Banking Key Features More on Citi Mobile App


Download or update now

Download "Citi Indonesia" app, available for iOS and Android based smartphone.

Available on App Store Get it on Google Play

To login to Citi Mobile, click from your smartphone browser.

Citibank Online

Experience the same benefits as banking with the Citi Mobile App through Citibank Online. Enjoy the same secure and convenient access to all your accounts whenever and wherever you need to be one step ahead in performing all your financial transactions.


  • Activate Citi Credit Card and Debit Card
  • View transaction history conveniently through e-Statement
  • Conduct real-time transfers
  • Update personal details: e-mail address/ correspondence address/ phone number
  • Change passwords
  • Change ATM/ Debit Card/ Credit Card PIN
  • Register or update Citi Alerts preferences
  • Open Time Deposit
  • Check FX rates
  • Authorization Corner
  • Live Chat with your RM

Credit Card:

  • Card transaction details
  • Billing and due date information
  • Check or redeem rewards points
  • Convert transaction and credit card billing into monthly installment with Citi PayLite and Citi FlexiBill
  • Register recurring bill payments with Citibank 1Bill
  • Take cash loan on credit card through Citi Quick Cash
  • Request for temporary or permanent credit limit increase


  • Add/maintain payee (beneficiary account) details
  • Transfer to own account or third-party account at Citibank Indonesia
  • Transfer to overseas account with Telegraphic Transfer
  • Future dated transfers

Investment Services:

  • Investment portfolio details
  • Account transaction history in the last 90 days
  • E-Mutual Fund: buy/ sell/ switch mutual funds

How To Register

Step 1: Customer
provides details
for registration
ATM/Debit Card
> 16 digit ATM/Debit
Card number
OR Credit Card
> 16 digit Credit Card number
> CVV Number
> Date of Birth
Step 2: Prompted
for One-Time PIN
(OTP) via (OSD) token
or SMS)
> Enter OTP
Step 3: System
validation successful.
Customer to select
> User ID
> Password
> Re-confirm Password
Step 4: Any other levels from the account summary screen will require an OTP to proceed

Register Now
Limit & Fees
Fund Transfer Limit Transfer time Fee
Transfer within Citibank*
Transfer between my accounts Unlimited Real-time Free
Pay my credit card Unlimited Real-time Free
Transfer to other Citibank’s account For Rupiah : Rp500.000.000,-
For other currencies : USD9,999 equivalent per day
Real-time Free
Transfer to other banks in Indonesia
Transfer via BI-FAST Rp999,999,999,- (Rp250,000,000,- per transaction) Real-time Free
Real-time transfer via ATM Bersama/PRIMA network (including to BCA) Rp100.000.000,- (Rp25.000.000,- per transaction) Real-time Free
Transfer via Clearing (SKN) Rp999.999.999,- (Rp500.000.000,- per transaction) Max. 2 business days Free
Transfer to banks in other countries*
Telegraphic Transfer USD10,000 3-5 business days Free
QRIS Limit Transfer time Fee
QRIS Payment Max Rp 10.000.000,- per transaction

Daily Limit:
Citi Blue Rp 10.000.000,-
Citi Priority Rp 15.000.000,-
Citi Gold Rp 20.000.000,-
OR equivalent to Credit Card Limit
(for Credit Card user only with no Savings/CASA Account)
Real-time Free
*For Outgoing with FX, the monthly limit applied is USD100,000 equivalent as per BI Regulation (Only applied from IDR).

Printed Statement Fee
Citi Credit Card / Citibank Ready Credit Billing Statement
*Effective starting 19 November 2018
Consolidated Banking Statement Rp25.000,-
Credit Card

You can view your e-Statements whenever you need to straight from your mobile phone with Citi Mobile through below steps:

  1. Login to Citi Mobile with your User ID and password.
  2. Choose your Citi Ready Credit.
  3. Choose "Statement Amount"
  4. Choose Month and Year.
  5. Choose “PDF” on the top-right of the screen.
  6. Input OTP or your Citi Mobile Token.
  7. View your Total Balance, Minimum Amount Due, Payment Due Date and other details on your e-Statement
Ready Credit
Enroll for e-Statement on Citibank Online


What is e-Statement?
Who is eligible for e-Statement?
Do I need to pay for this service?
Will I still receive my paper statements if I am enrolled for Citibank e-Statement?
Can I choose to receive both paper statements and e-Statement for my accounts?
Are there any recommended online security measures?
How do I know if my statement is ready for viewing?
When will I start to receive my e-Statement?
How long will my e-Statement be stored in my mailbox?
How long can I view my online e-Statement?
Can I download my statements via Citi Mobile App?
If I am a supplementary card holder, can I enroll for e-Statement?


Get faster notification with Citibank Electronic Advice. At Citibank, it is our commitment to provide you with the best service to make your life simpler and more secure.


  • Receive your electronic advice (e-Advice) directly in your registered email address or Citibank Online.
  • The e-Advice will be sent as an encrypted PDF attachment and is password-protected.
  • Print or save your advice whenever you need them.
  • Receive the following notifications in your email inbox:
    - Incoming Credit above IDR 5 million from other local bank via clearing.
    - Change of Address or Email Address or Phone Number.
    - Open Deposit and Open Investation.

How to Enroll

  1. Sign on to Citibank Online and select menu 'Services' > 'My Profile' (located in the top menu bar).
  2. Select 'E-STATEMENT AND E-ADVICES' from the left hand menu, then click 'Enroll/Edit e-Statement' from the available options.
  3. Select your 'Preferred E-mail Address' to deliver e-Advice.
  4. If you choose to receive e-Advice delivered via your personal mailbox, please customize your e-Advice Password for personal protection.
  5. Confirm your enrollment and click 'Confirm'.
Citi Alerts

Citi Alerts

Do you need to instantly track and manage your accounts anytime, anywhere? Have a peace of mind with notifications from Citi Alert.


  • Information directly to your mobile via SMS, email, or Push Notification.
  • Automatic registration of services when you register your phone number while filling your account information.
  • Instant notification for every credit card transaction of more than Rp1.000.000,- and Ready Credit transaction of more than Rp1.000.000,-*.
  • Information on current balance.


Alert Description Banking Credit Cards Ready Credit
First Transcation Alert* Alert for first transaction using Debit Card, Credit Card, or Ready Credit.
Account Debit Alert* Banking account debit transaction alert for minimum amount of Rp1.000.000,-.
Account Credit Alert* Banking account credit transaction alert for minimum amount of Rp1.000.000,-.
ATM Cash Withdrawal or Debit Card Transaction* ATM cash withdrawal of amount Rp500.000,- and above, and Debit Card transaction
Online Transfers* Online transfer debit alert for any amount
Credit Card/Ready Credit Transaction Alert* Credit Card transaction alert for minimum amount of Rp1.000.000,-.
Ready Credit transaction alert for minimum amount of Rp1.000.000,-.
80% Credit Limit Reached Alert Credit limit exceeding 80% alert
Credit Card Payment Received Alert Credit Card payment received alert with minimum IDR 1.000.000,-
Credit Card Payment Due Alert Credit Card Credit payment received alert, which will be triggered 7 days before statement due date.

*Mandatory alert which customer will be automatically registered to the alert.


What is Citi Alerts ?
How can I start using Citi Alerts?
When travelling abroad, will I still be able to receive the Alert Service on my mobile?
What would this service cost me?
Who is entitled to this service?
Security & Risk

To keep protecting your data to the highest standard when accessing Citibank Online and Citi Mobile App via your smartphone, tablet and desktop, from early 2018, please ensure that your browser and operating systems meet the minimum requirements found below. You will need to update or upgrade your browser / operating system in order to continue to use Citibank Online and the Citi Mobile App.

How can I tell which browser version I am using?

Please choose the current browser you used to access Citibank Online from the list below:

If you do not update your browser or operating systems by early 2018 you will not be able to connect to Citibank Online or use Citi Mobile App and will be presented with the following error page for example:

Error Page

Minimum Browser / Operating System Requirement


Chrome 30 / Win 7

Firefox 31.3.0 ESR / Win 7

IE 11 / Win 7

Opera 17 / Win 7

Firefox 27 / Win 8

IE 11 / Win 8.1

IE 11 / Win 10 Preview

Edge 12 / Win 10

Firefox 49 / XP SP3

Chrome 49 / XP SP3

Chrome 34 / OS X

Firefox 29 / OS X

Safari 7 / OS X 10.9

Safari 8 / OS X 10.10

Safari 10 / OS X 10.12


Android 4.4

IE 11 / Win Phone 8.1

Edge 13 / Win Phone 10

Safari 5 / iOS 5.1.1

Security & Risk

  • Any access attempt to Citibank Online which does not go through Citibank website homepage at, could be a phishing website that uses the name of Citibank to retrieve Customer's sensitive data illegally.
  • Failure to maintain the confidentiality of the information used in accessing the account through Citibank Online or Citi Mobile, may potentially cause an unauthorized access to customer's account.
  • If the internet connection or the Customer data service gets interrupted when the transaction is in progress, either intentionally or accidentally, then there is a possibility that the customer transaction is unsuccessful and therefore need to perform another attempt.

For more details and tips to ensure your secure online banking experience, click here.

Supported Browsers

You are recommended to use supported and updated browsers to ensure that your internet banking is secure.

Web Browsers / OS: Windows Mac OSX iOS Android
8.1 8 7 Vista XP 10.10 10.9 10.8 7.1.2 7 4.4
Internet Explorer 11 X X
Internet Explorer 10 X X
Internet Explorer 9 X X
Internet Explorer 8 X X X
Chrome 35 X X X X X
Chrome 32 X X X X X
Chrome 31 X X X X X
Firefox 33 X X
Firefox 30 X X X
Firefox 28 X
Firefox 26 X X X X
Firefox 25 X X X X
Safari 8.0 X
Safari 7.0 X
Opera 12 X X
Opera 10 X X X X
Tablet Local Browser X X X X
(Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1)
(Kindle Fire HD)


We do not recommend that you download beta versions, since they are experimental and may undergo significant changes before they're released. Please only download the final version.
If you are not ready to upgrade your browser, or you do not use one of these operating systems, you can still visit our site. However, should the browser be rejected, you will need to upgrade your browser from the company's web site.

How can I tell which browser version I am using?
For Windows Users:

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ - Menu > Help > About Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox - Menu > Help > About Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome - Wrench icon, top right corner > About Google Chrome

For Mac Users:
  • Safari - Safari > About Safari

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