Expert Financial planning and optimal benefits await you.

Expert Financial planning and optimal benefits await you.

Classy services, exclusive access, smart advice with a personal touch. You can find all this, in Citigold Banking and Wealth Management.

Right for you if:
Right for you if:
  1. You want exclusive, world-class banking services with a personal touch.
  2. You want a team of experts and professionals assisting you to achieve your financial goals.
  3. You want to enjoy rewards and global privileges.

At Citigold, enjoy banking experience designed around you.

At Citigold you are our priority. Whatever your financial goals are, our Citigold Executive teams, who have 24-hour access to global market research, will help you make them happen. With the Citigold Wealth Planner, we design a financial strategy to suit each individual's risk profile.

What is important to you when it comes to your finance?

Your experience starts when you open your Citigold premium savings account that offers many convenience features to fulfill your financial needs and goals. Whether it be facilitation of an interaction with banks, financial management or with your Citigold Wealth Management mentor, feel the Citigold experience.

Enjoy more with Citigold.

With Citigold, our dedicated professional team will be working with and for you. Citi professional team will provide you with many special benefits, privileges and some might surprise you.


Compare the differences between Citigold and Citibanking, ensure you choose the best one for your needs and enjoy all exclusive privileges only for you.