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Investments to suit your financial needs.

Loan against securities & investments

We provide you the convenience to fulfill your financial needs. With Investment Backed Loan*, you could get an Overdraft facility / loans available in IDR or USD currency to fulfill your needs such as home renovation, children’s education fund, and many more while still able to invest.

* Valid for Indonesians only and not applicable for corporate / institutions.

Right for you if:
Investment Backed Loan
Right for you if:
  1. You have eligible investment assets that can be used as collateral to access liquid funds.
  2. You want to meet immediate needs such as home renovation and child’s school fees and still be able to invest.

With Investment Backed Loan, you get:

Overdraft facility / loans available in IDR ​​or USD currency.

Overdraft facility / credit can be given to any 3rd party.

Overdraft / long-term loan can be renewed to a maximum of 12 months.

Loan is guaranteed by a number of investments.

Cost of overdraft / loans are fixed during the contract period.

Margin call on the current value of the collateral investments.

Benefits you can get:

Attractive interest rates.

Low administrative costs.

Overdraft facility / loan according to your needs up to 70% of the initial value of investment guarantees.

Limit the number of overdraft facilities / high loan:

Min. Overdraft Amount of IDR100,000,000 or USD10,000

Max. Overdraft Amount of Rp. 15,000,000.000 or USD 1.500.000

How to Apply

You can contact the Relationship Manager of the Investment Backed Loan at your nearest Citibank branch.

Eligibility Criteria

Valid for Indonesians only and not applicable for corporate / institutions.


Percentage of Overdraft facility and loan amount is indicative. Details of the approved facility will be stated in the Client Acknowledgment Form of Investment Backed Loan Facility issued by the Bank. Investment Backed Loan can not be used for derivative transaction and investment product subscription. Bank may reduce the Customer's credit limit, compensate by liquidating Customer's collateral, and change the loan to value percentage granted to Customers, and as a result the Bank reserves the rights to change or cancel Customer's credit limit according to collateral value.