Wealth Management

Potential income from your company's reserve funds.

Wealth Management Solutions

Make your company's reserve fund as a source of potential additional revenue. Citibank provides reliable market information that can be counted on to help you optimize your company's reserve fund. We will provide updates and advice to help you make your decision in several instruments in accordance with your company's financial goals and risk profile.


If you want your savings to earn a higher rate of return than your savings accounts, bonds can be the right choice for maximizing your profits.

Citibank offers a wide array of government bonds as an alternative investment option with a low risk level to give a satisfactory result.

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Mutual Funds

To get the most out of your business reserve funds, mutual fund can be the right choice. We have the expertise to assess and plan for optimal mutual fund investments and our investment process can determine profit, in accordance with your financial goals and your risk profile.

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