Cash Management

Solutions for smooth, safe and effective transactions.

Cash Management Solutions

We have a variety of cash management solutions to help you manage your business transactions effectively and efficiently - ranging from the company current account to our online banking systems.

Rekening Koran

Keep your business at the forefront. Our current account will not only help in managing your cash flow, but will also help you pursue business opportunities globally and optimally in a choice of various currencies.

Right for you when:

  • You want to do banking from the comfort of your office.
  • You want a current account that could open up global business opportunities.
  • You're looking for a checking account with no monthly fees.

Transform your business to make it more competitive

  • Flexibility of receiving domestic funds through 14,000 shared ATM's across Indonesia.
  • Consolidated financial statements will be delivered to you by mail for inspection and accounting.
  • Available in major currencies: USD, SGD, AUD, NZD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD and CAD.

Your business reserve funds can generate you more profit with the Citibank Time Deposit, available in several foreign currencies.

Right for you if:

  • You want a higher deposit rate of interest.
  • You want the interest rate based on highest currency value: EUR, USD, AUD, or SGD.
  • You want to have the flexibility of accessing your term deposits (overnight to 24 months).
Commercial Banking Portal
Commercial Baking Portal

Take complete control of your business operations anytime, anywhere. Our Commercial Banking Portal offers online banking solutions that make it easy for you to do all your business transactions efficiently and safely.

Right for you if:

  • Security is your top most concern.
  • You want cost-effective, convenient banking services.
  • You want to have free access to your accounts and do banking anytime, anywhere.

Take control of your business safely and comfortably.

High Level Security

4 tier security system to protect your account:

  Two level login: Password and PIN via SMS or OSD device.   Maker and Authorizer system highly flexible.
  Limits the number of transactions per user.  

Fast, Convenient and Cost-effective

You do not have to be a computer expert to access your account:

  Works out far more economical than manual transactions.   Online access anytime, anywhere, 24 hours.
  A single online platform allows you to view balance and all your transaction history.  

Business at Your Fingertips

Freedom to do diverse transactions to suit your business requirements.

  The all-in-one solution interface helps you carry out business transactions and transfer payments real-time across all Citibank accounts worldwide.   System audit trail monitor automatically tracks the activities of the banking company to give you real time information.
Virtual Account
Virtual Account

With Citibank Virtual Account you can identify customers systematically and consistently through a variety of payment channels to make your reconciliation process more practical and convenient.

Right for you if:

  • You receive regular payments from the same customers.
  • You need a way to reconcile payments automatically, easily and efficiently.
  • You want to manage your customer list easily and efficiently.

We provide convenience to you to determine for yourself the amount you will receive from Virtual Account as your payment channel.

  You receive a 4-digit BIN specified by Citibank that reflects your primary account number.   You are free to determine the remaining 12 digits of your Virtual Account for your customers.
  You can create multiple payment channels with the 16-digit Virtual Account number which can be used for your customers. 4 digit BIN in all Virtual Accounts will distribute payments to the account.   Virtual Account is a customer identification tool where customer will provide 12-digit ID to reconcile automatically.

Its like having more than one bank account, but without the costs.

Discretion to provide a unique number for each of your customers.

Improved business operational efficiency with reduced manual reconciliation process.

Reduced maintenance costs of account numbers.

Expansion of receiving channels.

No more unclear transactions in your book.

Receipt of payment in multiple currencies.

Citi e-Tax
Citi e-Tax

It is your duty to pay taxes but the process is made more convenient with the Citibank e-Tax, where you can complete your corporate tax payments quickly through web-based online applications. This facility also helps monitor tax payments easily and efficiently.

Right for you if:

  • You want to save time and be cost -efficient in paying corporate tax.
  • You want to have your tax payment records readily accessible for auditing purposes.
  • You want the flexibility to pay different types of taxes through online channels.

A list of all the tax payments you can make using Citi e-Tax:

Individual income tax (PPH 21).

Corporate income tax (PPH 25).

Domestic asset tax (PPH 23).

Tax on assets abroad (PPH 26).

Value Added Tax (VAT).

Taxes on luxury goods (PPnBM).

Other tax forms that require the Tax Payment (SPP).