FX Solutions

Minimise risks and maximise returns from international trading.

Foreign Exchange Solutions

There are new risks in doing business internationally. But Citibank helps you feel secure by providing you with FX experts specifically for your needs. With expertise and experience in a global business, you will get the most out of your transactions.

Citi FX Pulse
Citi FX Pulse

When real-time information is not enough, Citi FX Pulse is the automatic choice. It provides you a convenient and instant online FX trading platform that allows you to transact anytime, anywhere.

Right for you if:

  • You want to do FX transactions anytime, anywhere.
  • You want to do FX transactions safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Citi FX Pulse - A unique FX trading tool that will make you stay on top, with features like:

Special Access : You can manage the functions of the user, either as a trader or a view.
Discretion for transaction Limit : You can limit the value of the transaction for each user.
Time Access : You can specify the time of accessing the FX trading tool.
IP-based limitation : You can restrict access based on the user's IP address.
Automatic E-Mail Notification : You can send an e-mail notification to a group of specified users when FX transactions are completed.
FX Options
FX Options

When you are transacting in foreign currencies and want to deal with the unpredictable fluctuations of foreign exchange market safely, FX Options will give you the option to exchange your foreign currency at an exchange rate agreed in advance even if the movement of the currency market is favourable.

Right for you if:

  • You are involved in a trade that requires FX transactions in the future.
  • You want the added value of flexible protection.

FX Options makes sure you're protected from the risk of exchange rate fluctuations in FX trading.


You have no obligation to convert when the exchange rate is more favorable than the existing market price at a strike rate that has been previously agreed.

Tailored to your needs

Select the strike price, the amount and duration of the desired transaction according to your business needs.

FX Options makes sure you get the best out of your FX trading.

You are protected from potential losses due to fluctuations in currency values that do not benefit your position.

You enjoy the opportunity to increase your profit potential when the movement of the currency market is in your favour.

FX Forward
FX Forward

Maintaining the stability of the company's budget through trade transactions that involves foreign exchange can be a challenging job. With FX Forward, you can turn your challenges into profitable opportunities.

Right for you if

  • You want protection on your FX forward transactions.
  • You want a more stable cash flow.
  • You want flexibility in determining the sale and purchase of foreign exchange in accordance with the agreed time.