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From helping you build your wealth to protecting your assets, our comprehensive suite of world-class products offers solutions for every wealth management objective.


Get more flexibility and control over your savings options

A transactional account for individual customer, also as a joint account which is available in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and United States Dollar (USD).

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  • Non-interest bearing
  • Flexible funds withdrawal, deposit, and maintenance

A regular savings account for individual customer, also as a joint account in 10 different currencies to help you manage your everyday banking needs.

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Start securing your future and see your savings grow with Citi's bank deposit options

Manage your deposit in 10 different currencies.

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  • Available in 1, 3, 6, and 12 month tenor


Diversify your investments across many investment types. Choose from many levels of risk and returns

Enjoy a stream of regular income with your investment.

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  • Capital protection and good returns on a regular basis
  • An investment with a growing return
  • A variety of investments to spread the risk

An investment with returns on a regular basis with a low level of risk.

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  • Stability of capital
  • Feel safe with investments that have a relatively low level of risk
  • Higher returns than conventional bank deposits

An investment with a relatively low level of risk but that is still profitable.

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  • A low-risk investment
  • An alternative liquid Investment
  • Higher returns than conventional bank deposits

Get greater returns on your investment with a medium level of risk.

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  • A higher return on capital
  • Potential high return on capital
  • A variety of investments such as bonds, money markets and stock

Get a greater return than that of other mutual fund products, with a tolerance for long-term investment and a relatively high level of risk.

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  • An investment where the risk level is relatively high
  • A variety of investments in the stock market

A Sharia Mutual Fund that invests at minimum 51% from its Net Asset Value in Offshore Sharia Securities that is included in the Sharia Securities list that is issued by Sharia Supervision Council Requirements.

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  • Diversify asset allocation to the offshore sharia securities
  • An investment where the risk level is relatively high
  • A long investment horizon

Invest in Customer Invesment Plan and your future is assured. An affordable, practical and convenient investment option for your future.

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  • Invest gradually
  • Looking for investments that match your risk profile

Fulfill your desire to have profitable investments without neglecting your other immediate needs.

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  • Immediately enjoy your investment
  • Meet immediate needs such as home renovation and child's school fees and still be able to invest
  • Need additional capital to venture into business as well as a variety of investment options


Comprehensive, tailor-made solutions that help you protect what matters most

Prime-Link Optimum Protection is the right choice to protect you from various risks with complete protection and flexible investment that can be adjusted according to your needs.

  • An optimum investment benefit with life protection
  • Freedom of choosing for yourself the type of investment and fund allocation, in addition to how much benefit to match with your protection needs
  • Additional insurance according to your lifestyle

Signature Life Assurance provides you a remarkable insurance experience in preparing your financial plan strategy that evolves in line with your priority and financial goal at every stage of your life.

  • Priority access for your protection and investment. Life protection up to the age of 99 years and guaranteed Top-Up account value in adverse market conditions, if the event of death occurs
  • Flexibility in determining your protection and investment strategy
  • Loyalty Bonus up to 100% Basic Premium
  • Priority service for a remarkable insurance experience

Ultimate Harvest Assurance is a suitable product to plan for your retirement and at the same time provide for life protection due to accidents.

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  • Cash benefits at your retirement age
  • Annual cash benefit and potential bonus within your retirement period until age 70
  • Peace of mind in your retirement with life protection due to accident

Premier Heritage helps develop a strong finance condition to continue growing while at the same time protecting you in distributing your wealth to ensure continuous wellbeing of your loved ones.

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  • To secure your wealth with optimum protection value
  • Protection for loved ones in the event of a Terminal illness*
  • A simple exclusion provision and a guaranteed cash value from day one