Travel Insurance

Insurance Protection

Insurance Protection

Important Information

Starting August 1, 2012, Travel Inconvenience Insurance and Travel Accident Insurance privileges are no longer available on your Citibank Credit Card. For more information, please contact 24-hours CitiPhone Banking at 69999 from your mobile phone.

Credit Shield Plus

A product of PT Prudential Life Assurance

Credit Shield PLUS covers your Credit Card bill when you are not able to pay the bill due to total/temporary disability or in the event of death caused by illness or accident, or diagnosed of suffering one of the listed critical illnesses.

In the case of death or total disability or critical illness, the benefit is valued accordingly to the amount of your outstanding balance before the incident, with a maximum of Rp 40,000,000* per Credit Card (It should be noted that the maximum benefit which can be paid for all your credit cards which have credit shield insurance coverage is not more than Rp 150,000,000).

In the case of temporary disability, the benefit is worth as per your Minimum Amount Due in the length of time that the disability is suffered. The Credit Shield premium is only 0.69% from the monthly outstanding balance.

How to get your Credit Card protection?

Please contact our Telesales Officer "Credit Shield" for Credit Shield registration at :

  • 021-52909797 for JAKARTA area
  • 022-4153131 for BANDUNG area
  • 031-5356699 for SURABAYA area
  • 500535 for Outside JAKARTA, BANDUNG, SURABAYA are

Your policy certificate will be immediately sent to your address by post within 30 days after Credit Shield registration. Please read your policy certificate carefully.

How to propose a claim?

The things that you (or your beneficiary) should know in making a claim:

Send a written notification to the Citibank Correspondence Unit (address: Citibank Tower 11th Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 54-55 Jakarta 12190) or contact the 24-Hour Citiphone Banking at 021-2529999 within 30 (thirty) days after the occurrence. Complete the claim form provided by the Insurance company (Prudential Indonesia), attached with the billing statement which contain your billing and premium payment, along with other documents needed.

Undergo a health check if required by Prudential Indonesia.

* Insured amount is subject to change in line with applied insurance terms and condition


Credit Shield PLUS is an insurance product from PT Prudential Life Assurance. This product is NOT a saving or NOT a bank deposit, NOT an obligation and not guaranteed by Citibank, N.A. ("Citibank"), Citigroup or its affiliates. Credit Shield PLUS is not included as an object of government-guarantee program. The use of Citibank logo and or attributes in this document is based on Citibank's consent and it only reflects the marketing agreement between Citibank and PT Prudential Life Assurance as an issuer of the Credit Shield PLUS and it does not entail that the Insurance product is a Banking product. Details of benefit, terms and condition are attached in the Policy Certificate issued by PT Prudential Life Assurance. Citibank is not responsible for any Policy Certificate issued by PT Prudential Life Assurance within the Credit Shield PLUS product. Prospective buyers of the insurance product must read and obey the terms and conditions of Credit Shield PLUS as stated in the Policy Certificate