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Garuda Indonesia Citi Card

Don’t worry about excess baggage while traveling with Garuda Indonesia Citi Card, you’ll get extra 20 kg baggage and other benefits.

Apply now for Garuda Indonesia Citi Card.

Garuda Indonesia Citi Card privileges
Garuda Card
Garuda Indonesia Citi Card privileges
  1. 20 kg extra baggage
  2. 3X miles on Garuda Indonesia ticket purchase transaction.20 kg extra baggage.
  3. Bonus 2,500 GarudaMiles for your first accumulated 250 GarudaMiles
Features & Benefits

Get 20 kg extra baggage with Garuda Indonesia Citi Card

3x miles on Garuda Indonesia transaction

For every transaction of Rp20.000,- will get: 3X Miles for Garuda Indonesia transaction & 2X Miles for other transactions

20 kg extra baggage

Show your Garuda Indonesia Citi Card during check-in with Garuda Indonesia and get 20 kg extra baggage.

Electricity and water bill payment, Citibank EazyPay, easy cash through Loan on Phone, cash advance, annual fee payment, interest, administrative fee, charges, and Credit Shield Plus/Prestige , transactions will not receive miles.

2,500 Miles Bonus
Get 2,500 GarudaMiles bonus that will be added if you have accumulate the first 250 GarudaMiles through Garuda Indonesia Citi Card within 90 (ninety) days since credit card approval date.

Discount 10% for GarudaMiles redemption

Get 10% discount for GarudaMiles redemption with Garuda ticket using your GICC

More comfortable check-in queue
Enjoy the comfort of special check-in counter in Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3 Ultimate Domestic Airport as well as GarudaMiles Gold check-in counter in other airports across Indonesia, for you and 1 (one) travel companion with the same ticket booking code.

Priority waiting list on ticket reservation
Special priority for GarudaMiles members on ticket reservation waiting list.

Boarding Announcement
Enjoy exclusive GICC cardholder boarding announcement in certain airports for you and 1 (one) travel companion with the same ticket booking code.

Additional benefits with supplementary card
Get additional benefits with supplementary Garuda Indonesia Citi Card for your loved ones.

Redeem Miles into free flight tickets or free upgrade
Redeem your Miles with Award Ticket & Upgrade Award through Garuda Indonesia Ticketing Office or Garuda Indonesia Contact Centre at 0804 1 807 807 or (021) 2351 9999. Redemption service through Garuda Contact Center is available 24 hours, so you can redeem your Miles wherever and whenever you are. Your GarudaMiles expiration period follows the terms and condition of GarudaMiles. More info, visit

Terms and conditions:

  1. For transaction at Garuda Indonesia ticketing office, transaction must be done using Citibank EDC in order to get 3x Miles. 3X Miles is not applicale for transaction done through travel agent.

Discount 10% for GarudaMiles

Term & Condition (tbc to management approval):

  1. DISCOUNT : 10% from normal GA Award Ticket Mileage Fare (Starting from August 9, 2019)
  2. Number of Pax : No minimum Pax
  3. DOI : 9 Aug 2019- 31 Dec 2019 (will be extended automatically refer to Cobranding Agreement Period)
  4. DOT : 9 Aug 2019- 31 Dec 2019 (will be extended automatically refer to Cobranding Agreement Period)
  5. Routes : All GA DOM & INTL routes
  6. Class eligibility : R/O/X – based on seat availability
  7. Black out date : N/A (peak season miles surcharge applied)
  8. Point of Sales : All GA Channels
  9. a) Website

    b) Mobile Apps

    c) SO/TO

    d) Call Center

  10. Promo Code : GICC
  11. In the Award Miles redemption for Award Tickets, GarudaMiles Members will still be subjected to a number of fees such as local airport tax, additional state taxes, insurance fee, fuel surcharge, and/or other fees set by Garuda Indonesia.
  12. Penalty : Refund, Reroute, Reschedule refer to GarudaMiles Policy.
  13. Tax and Other Surcharge Payment : Using GICC (Garuda Indonesia Citi Card) Only

For issuance in SO/TO, GarudaMiles member need to fill Award Ticket Form.

Note: Terms & conditions will refer to Garuda Indonesia's regulation

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Bring More Home. Apply for Garuda Indonesia Citi Card and get up to 12.500 GarudaMiles

  1. Valid for new customer or applicant that has closed Citi Credit Card facility for more than the last 1 year.
  2. This program is valid for minimum 1 (one) Citi Credit Card application that has been approved with or without Supplementary Card. If Customer would like to apply for 2 (two) Citi Credit Cards, the first Credit Card applied should be Garuda Indonesia Citi Card. Second card type will be explained further and will be recommended by Citibank staff.
  3. Customer who apply for Primary and Secondary Card will earn 12,500 Miles GarudaMiles bonus. Application without Supplementary Card will earn 7,500 GarudaMiles. All Miles bonus have included 2,500 Miles activation bonus.
  4. Gift cannot be exchanged.
  5. All Primary and Secondary Card (if any) that has been approved from this program will get Free Annual Fee for the first year.
  6. Customers must activate all approved card, login to Citi Mobile Application from mobile phone, and transact for accumulative transaction of Rp2,500,000,- within 90 (ninety) days from Card approval date to earn GarudaMiles bonus.
  7. GarudaMiles will be sent to customers that have fulfilled point No.6 and will be given after billing statement in the following month.
  8. This promotion is not applicable for Citibank customers.
  9. This program cannot be combined with other promotions.
  10. Program period is valid until 31 December 2019.

Product Benefit

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If I owned both Garuda co-brand credit card from other Bank and Garuda Indonesia Citi Card, what would be the impact for me?
Annual Fee
Description Annual Fee
Primary Card Rp800.000,-
Supplementary Card Rp400.000,-

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