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Satisfying your sweet
tooth isn’t easy. Picking
your rewards should be.

Satisfying your sweet tooth  isn’t easy. Picking your rewards should be

With a Citi Rewards Card, you'll earn points faster than ever when you shop, dine or travel. We're giving you up to 3x Citi Reward Points on your credit card for your spending all year round. Apply for your Citi Rewards Visa Card or Citi Rewards MasterCard Card today and start reaping the benefits of doing what you love with your credit card rewards points.

How your rewards build up:
Rewards Card


How your rewards build up:
  1. Earn up to 3x Citi Rewards Points for dining, shopping, and international transactions.
  2. Save up to 15% by redeeming your Citi Rewards Points at participating merchants.
  3. Citi Rewards Points have no expiry date.

Earn upto 3x Citi Rewards Points for every IDR3,000 transactions for the following categories:

Category Monday - Friday Saturday - Sunday
 Shopping* 2x Citi Rewards Points 3x Citi Rewards Points
 Dining 2x Citi Rewards Points 3x Citi Rewards Points
 International Shopping** 3x Citi Rewards Points
  • * Shopping category includes purchases made in Department Stores and Clothing Stores.
  • ** Valid for retail and online transactions that utilize foreign currency for legal tender.

Category definition complies with Merchant ID definition and records within VISA/Mastercard system database.

Electricity and water bill payment, Citibank EazyPay, easy cash through Loan on Phone, cash advance, annual fee payment, interest, administrative fee, charges, and Credit Shield Plus/Prestige, transactions will not receive Citi Rewards Points.

For every other transaction, IDR3,000 = 1 Citi Reward Point.

There are always more rewards for you from Citi Rewards Card
  • You have the credit card where you can collect Citi Rewards Points the fastest.
  • Your Citi Rewards Points have no expiry date.
  • You can enjoy the most complete rewards points redemption channel.

Redeem your Rewards Points with anything you like:

  • You can enjoy extra discounts of up to 15% at your favorite merchants.
  • You can redeem your rewards easier through or CitiPhone Banking.
  • For shopping and travel lovers, there are vouchers available for shopping, dining and hotels, both domestic and international.
  • Enjoy a variety of options to redeem your rewards points.
  • Citibank World Privileges

    Citibank World Privileges

    Wherever you see the logo of Citibank World Privileges enjoy exclusive privileges and discounts from many of your favorite merchants such as restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls worldwide.

  • Citibank 1Bill

    Citibank 1Bill

    There is no need to burden your mind and waste your time anymore just to pay various bills. Register your routine bills on Citibank 1Bill and let us take care of it.

  • Citibank Isi Pulsa

    Citibank Isi Pulsa

    You can top up your prepaid mobile phone credit using Citibank credit card, anytime, anywhere. Just send a text message to 8887 and your prepaid number will get topped up. This service is valid for prepaid numbers from Telkomsel, Indosat, Excelcom, Esia, Smartfren and Hutchinson.

  • CreditShield Plus

    CreditShield Plus

    With low premium of 0.69%, you are protected from the inability to pay your credit card bills whenever you experience an accident that causes temporary or permanent disability, or you are diagnosed with critical illness, and/or death due to accident or illness.

  • Citi Alert

    Citi Alert

    You can monitor all of your Citibank accounts. Get instant notifications for each transaction so that you feel more secure and comfortable. Registration will be done automatically.

  • Citibank CitiPhone Banking

    Citibank CitiPhone Banking

    Get your credit card information and safely make transactions through CitiPhone Banking's service.

  • Citibank Online

    Citibank Online

    Skip the queues and traffic. Get information, pay bills and manage your card transactions online.

Description Annual Fee
Primary Card Rp300.000,-
Effective 8 August 2016, will change to IDR400.000,-
Supplementary Card Rp130.000,-
Effective 8 August 2016, will change to IDR200.000,-

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