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You deserve the credit, not the fees. With Citi Simplicity+ get 10% interest back.


You deserve the credit, not the fees. With Citi Simplicity+ get 10% interest back.

With Citi Simplicity+ Card, you pay the bill and we'll return the favor. We offer you simple ways to save on interest and fees. Apply now for the Citi Simplicity+ Card and enjoy all the credit, none of the fees.

Top 3 reasons to get Citi Simplicity+ Card:
Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card:

Citi Simplicity+ Card

Top 3 reasons to get Citi Simplicity+ Card:
  1. 10% interest back when you pay on time. Every month. No cap.
  2. No Late Fees.
  3. No Over Limit Fees.
Features & Benefits
Get the credit, not the fees Get the credit, not the fees.
Go ahead, take the credit. Get 10% interest back when you pay at least your minimum due on time. There’s no cap, so the savings can really add up.


No late fees here. No late fees here.
Nobody likes late fees. Which is why we don’t charge them. If you’re late with a payment you won’t get charged a fee. It’s just another way Citi Simplicity+ keeps it simple.


Over your credit limit? Over your credit limit? It happens. But the fees don’t have to.
If you happen to go over your credit limit, we understand. Which is why we don’t charge you a fee.

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Annual Fee
Description Annual Fee
Primary Card Rp350.000,-
Supplementary Card Rp150.000,-

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