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Information on Citibank Credit Card Interest and Fees

Information on Citibank Credit Card Interest and Fees


Description Citi Simplicity+ Card Citi Rewards Card,
Citi Cash Back Card,
Citi Telkomsel Card
Citi PremierMiles Card,
Garuda Indonesia Citi Card,
Citi Platinum Card
Citi Prestige Card
Retail Interest 2.25% per month/ 26.95% per annum
2% per month/ 24% per annum (starting from 1 May 2020)
Cash Advance Interest 2.25% per month/ 26.95% per annum
2% per month/ 24% per annum (starting from 1 May 2020)
Overlimit Fee
Will be charged if the use of your credit card exceeds its Credit Limit / Combined Credit Limit
Rp0.- Overlimit amount or maximum Rp250.000- Rp0,-
Late Fee
Will be imposed if the payment is received by Citibank after the due date or the total payment is less than total Minimum Payment as already stipulated by Citibank(Rp)
Rp0.- 3% of Total Bill, Maximum Rp150.000,-

1% of Total Bill, Maximum Rp100.000,- (1 May 2020 - 30 June 2021)
Cash Advance Fee
Will be charged for every Cash Advance transaction using Citi Credit Cards
6% of the withdrawn amount or minimum Rp100.000,-
Card Replacement Fee
Will be imposed for every issuance of new Citi Credit card as a substitute of the previous Citi Credit card which is lost or damaged and already reported to Citibank according to procedure of report on lost of or damage of Citi Credit Card.
Rp50.000,- per card number
Stamp Duty Fee on Billing Statement
Amount is subject to payment made by Cardholder
Until 31 December 2020
Up to Rp250.000,-
Over Rp250.000,- up to Rp1.000.000,-
Over Rp1.000.000,-

Starting 1 January 2021
Up to Rp5.000.000,-
Over Rp5.000.000,-


Billing Statement Printing Fee
Will be charged for every print of billing statement that has been sent by Citibank to Cardholder (including via fax), which will be debited at your billing statement in the following. month.
Notification Fee
Monthly charge to Citi Credit Card accounts that receive notifications.
Rp5.000,- per month
Sales Draft Fee
Charged for every request of sales draft copy as proof of Citi Credit Card usage.
Transfer Fee
Charged for every request to transfer exceeding amount of Citi Credit Card payment to your account.
Transfer Fee for Loan On Phone (LOP)
Charged for every LOP transfer request to other bank account.
Citibank EazyPay Cancelation Fee
Charged if you make an early settlement of Citibank EazyPay transaction before the installment tenor ends.
Annual Statement Fee
Will be imposed for every printing request of transaction summary of the last 1 year period, as per request from Cardholder.
Citi Point Rewards / Miles Redemption Fee
Will be imposed for Citi Rewards Points / Miles redemption through CitiPhone Banking.
10.000 Citi Rewards Points (except for Citi Cash Back Platinum Card, Citi Cash Back Classic, Citi Choice Card) 10.000 Citi Rewards Points or 1.500 Miles (except for Garuda Indonesia Citi Card) Free of charge
Other fee
Charged whenever there is credit balance left after the credit card is closed.
Maximum Rp25,000

Annual Fee

Deskripsi Primary Card Supplementary Card
Citi Prestige Card Rp3.500.000,- Rp1.500.000,- up to 3 (three) Supplementary Cards
Citi PremierMiles Card Rp1.000.000,- Rp500.000,-
Citi Platinum Card Rp750.000.- Rp300.000,-
Garuda Indonesia Citi Card Rp800.000,- Rp400.000,-
Citi Rewards Card, Citi Cash Back Card, Citi Telkomsel Card Rp400.000,- Rp200.000,-
Citi Simplicity+ Card Rp350.000,- Rp150.000,-
Citi Cash Back Classic Rp225.000,- Rp125.000,-
Citi Choice Card Rp50.000,-/ Rp100.000,- subject to cardholder's preference -

Citi Gold Card, Citi Silver Card and Citi Clear Card have been upgraded to Citi Rewards Card and starting 1 January 2018 the annual fee is following Citi Rewards Card’s annual fee.

Service Payment Fee

Service Payment Fee is applicable to all Citi Credit Cards.

Payment facility via Banking Partner is applicable to Cardholders who have banking accounts in the following Banks:

Banking Partner Fee per Transaction Service

Bank Mandiri


ATM, Call Mandiri, Internet Banking, SMS Banking



ATM (Real Time Online), BNI Phone Banking, BNI SMS Banking, BNI Internet Banking



ATM (Real Time Online), Phone Banking



ATM (Real Time Online), Klik BCA, BCA by Phone, m-BCA

Bank Danamon


ATM, Danamon Access Center, Danamon Mobile Banking

Bank Permata


ATM (Real Time Online), PermataNet, PermataTel, Permata Mobile



ATM (Real Time Online), Internet Banking

CIMB Niaga


ATM, CIMB Clicks, Go Mobile, Phone Banking 14041 (Real Time Online for all services)

Panin Bank


ATM (Real Time Online), Internet Banking, Mobile Banking



ATM (Real Time Online), Phone Banking

Bank Mega


ATM (Real Time Online)

Cash payment facility and payment fee via counter/teller (open to all Citi Credit Card holders):

Pos Indonesia Rp7.000,-