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Use 6 digit PIN for all transaction your Citi Credit Card.

Segera gunakan PIN 6 Digit untuk setiap transaksi  Kartu Kredit Citi Anda.

Based on Bank Indonesia’s regulation, in regards to reinforcing Credit Card security, effective July 1, 2020, all Credit Card transactions in Indonesian merchants will require 6-digit PIN as a way to verify and authenticate the transaction.

6 digit PIN will replace hand signature, which will no longer be a valid way to verify and authenticate transactions except for the overseas credit card transactions. The use of PIN or signature outside Indonesia will be based on the regulations of each country.

Since PIN number is confidential and personal, the use of it is more secured than signature base. Sharing PIN number to another party is strictly prohibited.

6 Digit PIN is used to :
- Access Citi Credit Card information from Citibank’s ATM.
- Enjoy cash withdrawal from Citibank’s ATM as well as ATM with VISA/PLUS and MasterCard/CIRRUS logo,in and outside Indonesia.

For Cardholders who own more than one credit card, 6 digit PIN regulation is applicable to all Credit Cards.

For secure transactions please set a 6-digit PIN for your Citi Credit Card/Citibank Ready Credit Card through Citi Mobile, Citibank Online or Citi’s ATM.

To set your PIN via Citi Mobile app, follow these 3 easy steps at

Click here to register if you are a first-time user.

To create PIN thru Citibank Online:

1. Visit
2. Enter USER ID and password, click sign on
3. Click menu Service, My Profile, then click menu “Change PIN”
4. Enter OTP (One-Time Password)
5. Choose credit card number to create the PIN
6. Enter new PIN, and re-enter new PIN
7. Click “Change PIN”
8. You will receive SMS or confirmation email from Citi after PIN successfully changed.

To change PIN thru Citibank Online:
1. Login to Citibank Online using your User ID and Password.
2. Click “My Profile”
3. Click “Change ATM PIN”
4. Choose your card
5. Enter your 6 digit PIN number. If you are still using the 4 digit PIN number and have not changed it into 6 digit then enter your old 4 digits PIN number and add “00”behind it (example 123400)
6. Enter your new ATM 6 digit PIN
7. Re-enter your new ATM 6 digit PIN
8. Click “Change PIN”
9. Your new 6 digit PIN ready to use

To change PIN thru Citi ATM:
1. Enter your 6 digit PIN number. If you are still using the 4 digit PIN number and have not changed it into 6 digit then enter your old 4 digits PIN number and add “00”behind it (example 123400)
2. Choose “Layanan lain” menu
3. Choose “Ubah PIN ATM”
4. Enter your old 6 digit PIN ATM
5. Enter your new 6 digit PIN ATM
6. Re-enter your new 6 digit PIN ATM
7. Your new 6 digit PIN ready to use

If you do not have Credit Card’s PIN number, please create it thru Citi automatic machine via Citiphone Banking from your registered handphone number and follow the below instruction :
1. Choose “Membuat/Mengubah PIN” menu
2. Choose “Membuat/Mengubah PIN Kartu Kredit” menu
3. Choose “Membuat PIN Kartu Kredit ” menu
4. Enter your 16 digit Credit Card number and insert“Data Pribadi Anda”
5. Choose “Belum memiliki OTP (One-Time Password)” menu
6. Enter your phone number which registered in Citi system (phone number begin with number “08”)
7. Choose”OTP sudah diterima” menu, then input OTP (One-Time Password). Choose your Credit Card PIN that you want create.

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