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The Citi Telkomsel Card comes with special offers to match your urban lifestyle. Enjoy buy 1 get 1 free XXI ticket offers every Friday*, get the kartuHalo Exclusive Package, collect Citi Reward Points and enjoy redemptions at selected merchant partners. Apply now for the Citi Telkomsel Card.

Top 3 Reasons:
Telkomsel Card


Top 3 Reasons:
  1. Optional kartuHalo Exclusive Package for Citi Telkomsel Cardholders.
  2. Get 3x Citi Rewards Points for your kartuHalo monthly billing through Citibank 1Bill.
  3. Get 2X Citi Rewards Points for transactions at selected cinema and coffee shops, Shell Gas Station, electronic and gadget merchants, and mobile application purchase.
Features & Benefits

Your Platinum Citi Telkomsel Card Privileges:

Enjoy kartuHalo Exclusive Package only for Citi Telkomsel Cardholders.

Get 1 Citi Rewards Point that has no expiration date, for every transaction of IDR3.000,-.

Redeem free XXI tickets or save up to 20% at your favorite merchants using Citi Rewards Points.

Get 3x Citi Rewards Points for your Halo monthly billing through Citibank 1Bill, registered with your Citi Telkomsel Card.

Get 2X Citi Rewards Points for transactions at selected cinema and coffee shops, Shell Gas Station, electronic and gadget merchants, and mobile application purchase.

Redeem your Citi Rewards Points for Telkomsel products:

- Free data package (2 GB & 3.5 GB).
- Free 100 SMS.
- Free 100 minutes talk to Telkomsel.
- Free top-up Simpati Voucher.

Redeem your Citi Rewards Points with mileage or other merchandise through, Citi Mobile, or 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking.

Your Citi Rewards Points have no expiry date.

Electricity and water bill payment, Citibank EazyPay, easy cash through Loan on Phone, cash advance, annual fee payment, interest, administrative fee, charges, and Credit Shield Plus/Prestige , transactions will not receive Citi Rewards Points.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Electronic and gadget category definition complies with Merchant definition and records within VISA system database.
  2. Additional Rewards Points at Shell only valid for transactions done through Citibank EDC Machine.
  3. For more information on selected cinemas and coffee shops, please contact our 24 Hour CitiPhone Banking.
  4. KartuHalo Exclusive Package and Citi Rewards Points redemption for Telkomsel products (SMS, Call, Simpati Voucher & Data) only valid for new kartuHalo customers and only applies for application in Jabodetabek region.


  • Citibank World Privileges

    Citibank World Privileges

    Wherever you see the logo of Citibank World Privileges enjoy exclusive privileges and discounts from many of your favorite merchants such as restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls worldwide.

  • Citibank 1Bill

    Citibank 1Bill

    There is no need to burden your mind and waste your time anymore just to pay various bills. Register your routine bills on Citibank 1Bill and let us take care of it.

  • Citibank Isi Pulsa

    Citibank Isi Pulsa

    You can top up your prepaid mobile phone credit using Citibank credit card, anytime, anywhere. Just send a text message to 8887 and your prepaid number will get topped up. This service is valid for prepaid numbers from Telkomsel, Indosat, Excelcomindo Esia, Mobile 8 and Hutchinson.

  • CreditShield Plus

    CreditShield Plus

    With low premium of 0.69%, you are protected from the inability to pay your credit card bills whenever you experience an accident that causes temporary or permanent disability, or you are diagnosed with critical illness, and/or death due to accident or illness.

  • Citi Alerts Service

    Citi Alerts Service

    Get immediate alerts for transactions on your card. You are also automatically protected against unauthorized Credit Card transactions for Up to IDR5 Million.

  • Citibank CitiPhone Banking 24-Hour

    Citibank CitiPhone Banking 24-Hour

    Get your credit card information and safely make transactions through CitiPhone Banking's 24-Hour service.

  • Citibank Online

    Citibank Online

    Skip the queues and traffic. Get information, pay bills and manage your card transactions online.

Annual Fee
Description Annual Fee
Primary Card Rp400.000
Supplementary Card Rp200.000
  • Enjoy quota up to 140GB plus Halokick Double Data with new kartuHalo exclusive package

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Movie Ticket every Saturday Exclusive for Citi Telkomsel Card:

Terms & Condition:


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How to apply new number with kartuHalo Exclusive Package?
Does Telkomsel Officers in Grapari and Call Center able to fulfill the request to change my Regular Package to the kartuhalo Exclusive Package?