Critical Care Plan

Plant the seed of hope against critical illness

Plant the seed of hope against critical illness

Your lifestyle is very influential on your health condition. Food factors, environment and daily habits can be the initial cause of critical illness such as cancer. If detected early, Cancer can be treated and handled appropriately. The question is, have you prepared an emergency fund for this unexpected condition?

CRITICAL CARE PLAN is an insurance product from PT AIA FINANCIAL that provides comprehensive benefits when you need it.

Product Info

Critical Illness Protection

  • Protection against critical illness for a lifetime (99 years) only with a choice of premium payments for 10 or 20 years
  • Offer an optional rider to protect 58 minor critical illnesses that can be selected if needed

Critical Care Plan Benefit:

  1. Critical Illness Benefit
    • 100% of the basic insurance coverage if the Insured is diagnosed as one of the major critical illnesses.
    • 25% of the basic insurance coverage if the Insured is undergoing angioplasty surgery.
    • 100% of the Minor Critical Illness if diagnosed as one of the minor critical illnesses (optional rider).
  2. Death Benefit

    • 100% of the basic insurance coverage if the Insured dies
  3. Additional Benefit for Death due to Accident
    • Additional 100% of the basic insurance coverage if the Insured dies due to an accident.
  4. End of Policy Benefit
    • 100% basic insurance coverage if the Insured is still alive until the end of the Insurance and Policy Period is still valid.

Entry Age: 1 month – 60 years old

Premium Payment Period:

  • Regular premiums
  • 10 and 20 years (entry age 1 month - 55 years)
  • 10 years (entering age 56 - 60 years)


  • Major Critical Illness benefit, death benefit and End of Policy benefit would be paid on whichever occurs earlier, after deducting critical illness benefit for angioplasty surgery and the benefit of minor critical illnesses that have been paid in advanced (if any).
  • Benefit for angioplasty surgery would only be paid 1 (one) time during the insurance period, with a maximum of IDR 250,000,000
  • Minor critical illness benefit is an additional insurance (optional) which can be taken together with major critical illness benefit


  • The premium you pay has taken into account the components of fees and / or commissions given by PT AIA FINANCIAL as a bank partner insurance company to Citibank in the context of bancassurance cooperation.
  • A complete list of exceptions is fully regulated in the Policy.
  • Complete information about claim filing procedures can be seen on the PT AIA FINANCIAL ( website.

You only need to come to our nearest branch where you can get more information about the CRITICAL CARE PLAN.
Product Summary

Period to Study the Policy (Free Look Period)

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions stated in the Policy for any reason, insurance protection can be canceled within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the Policy Effective Date ("Free Look Period"). For this matter, the Policy automatically becomes null and void from the Effective Date of the Policy and there is no insurance cover whatsoever that is the responsibility of the Insurer to the Insured. The Insurer will return to you the amount that has been paid, no later than within 9 (nine) working days from the Policy Cancellation Request Form received by the Insurer.

In the event that there is a request for payment of the basic Insurance Benefits and/or Additional Insurance Benefits or if you make another transaction regarding this Policy during Free Look Period, hence the Free Look Period will automatically expire

Illustration Example

Example of Benefit Illustration:

Tony (40 y.o.) buys Critical Care Plan with sum assured of IDR 500 million dan Additional Insurance rider of Minor Critical Illness with sum assured of IDR 250 million.

Basic yearly premium IDR 23,1 million
Additional yearly premium for minor critical illness IDR 2,4 million
Total 10 years premium IDR 255 million

Insurance Benefit:

  1. If Tony is diagnosed one of the Major Critical Illnesses, then the benefits paid are IDR 500 million *
  2. If Tony undergoes Angioplasty Surgery, then the benefit paid is IDR 125 million **
  3. If Tony is diagnosed one of the Minor Critical Illnesses, the benefit paid is IDR 125 million ***
  4. If Tony dies, the benefits paid are IDR 500 million *
  5. If Tony dies as a result of an accident before the age of 70 years, the benefit paid is IDR 1 billion *
  6. If Tony lives up to 99 years old, the benefit paid is IDR 500 million *

* Whichever occurs first, the benefits paid will be reduced by the Angioplasty Surgery benefit or the Minor Critical Illnesses benefit that have been paid in advance (if any), and the Policy ends

** Benefits of Angioplasty Surgical Measures of 25% of the Basic Insurance Sum Assured or maximum. IDR 250 million

*** Minor Critical Illness Benefit 25% of the Basic Insurance Sum Assured or maximum. IDR 1 billion



Policyholders will be exposed to PT AIA FINANCIAL Credit Risk as a risk selector of Insurance products. Credit risk is related to the ability to pay the obligations of PT AIA FINANCIAL to its customers. PT AIA FINANCIAL has managed to maintain its performance to exceed the minimum capital adequacy determined by the Government.


Partial withdrawals are not permitted for a certain period. If a policy cancellation occurs before the due date, the customer will receive a return in the form of redemption value. Redemption value is calculated based on the calculation of the number of Units that have been formed with the applicable Unit Price, after deducting the applicable costs.


Unless otherwise stipulated based on applicable laws and regulations, withdrawal or redemption policies will be subject to tax according to the applicable laws and regulations.


The insurance products offered are products of PT AIA FINANCIAL, a Citibank partner. This product is NOT a savings, NOT a deposit, NOT an obligation and is NOT guaranteed by Citibank N.A ("Citibank"), Citigroup or its affiliates. This insurance product is not included in the coverage of the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) guarantee program. The products offered and the use of the Citibank logo are based on Citibank's agreement and as a form of marketing collaboration with the product reference business model between Citibank and PT AIA FINANCIAL and it cannot be interpreted that this insurance product is a product of Citibank.

The policy holder will be exposed to credit risk from PT AIA FINANCIAL. which means that the insurance policy contains a risk where there is a possibility that PT AIA FINANCIAL is unable to pay a certain amount of money due as stated in the insurance policy, which results in the risk of losing part or all of the sum insured and other values ​​as stated in the insurance policy.

Details of benefits, terms and conditions are contained in the insurance policy issued by PT AIA FINANCIAL. Citibank is not responsible for the contents of insurance policies issued by PT AIA FINANCIAL related to insurance products. Buyers of insurance products must read and comply with the terms and conditions as stated in the insurance policy.

There are several conditions where the benefits of insurance cannot be paid. This is stated in the Exclusion provisions stated on the insurance policy. Customers are advised to read the insurance policy to get more complete information about this exclusion list.If you are in doubt, you should consult with people who are experts in their fields. But if you are choose not to do it, then you are fully responsible for ensuring that this product is in accordance with your insurance needs and goals.

Insurance products are products that require long-term commitment. Termination of insurance before the time can cause high costs and the redemption value to be received can be smaller than the total premium paid.

Citibank, Citigroup, Inc., its affiliates and Citibank employees are not in the capacity to provide / provide legal or taxation opinions to taxpayers outside of Citibank, Citigroup, Inc. and affiliated affiliates.

Insurance products offered through marketing cooperation between Citibank and the Insurance Company have been reported and / or obtained an affirmation letter and / or approval from the Financial Services Authority and related authorities.

Citibank N.A., Indonesia is licensed and supervised by the Indonesia Financial Service Authority (OJK).