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Protect what matters most.

Protect what matters most.

Maybe you've been saving and have a reserve funds. However saving money is not enough; because it could be that the saved funds will run out in the event of a disaster. Protection should be a need and priority in your spending list, thus the protection that you have is reliable to face the unpredictable risks in the future.

PRIME-LINK OPTIMUM PROTECTION is an investment-linked insurance product from PT. AIA Financial ("AIA") helps you to get the maximum protection and optimal investment with the benefits that can be enjoyed by yourself as well as your heirs.

Product Info

Excellences of Prime-Link Optimum Protection

Optimum investment

The optimum investment benefits because 30% of the Basic Premium you paid in the first year and 100% of the Basic Premium you paid since the second Policy Year onwards shall be directly invested into type of investment you choose.


  • You are free to choose the type of investment and the allocation of the Investment Funds, withdrawals and addition of Investment Funds
  • You can decide the amount of Amount Insured.

Loyalty Bonus

For those of you who faithfully perform basic premium payments until the 12th premiums year, will receive loyalty bonus directly accumulated into the benefits of your investment.

No Lapse Guarantee

Your policy will remain valid during the first 7 years of the Policy, although the Basic Premium Account Value is insufficient to pay the costs incurred.

Complete Protection

There are varieties of Additional Insurance that you can choose according to your requirements/needs.

Benefits of Prime-Link Optimum Protection1

  1. Death Benefit1
    Life protection until the age of 99 years equal to 100% of Insured Amount.
  2. Accidental Death Benefits

    • Maximum benefits equal to 200% of Insured Amount in the event of risk of death due to accident up to age of 70 years.
    • Maximum benefits equal to 300% of Insured Amount in the event of risk of death due to accident in public transportation until the age of 70 years.
  3. Investment Benefits1
    Equal to Account Value2 which is formed from the invested premiums (Basic Premium and Top-up Premium, if any).

Additional Insurance3

  • Critical Illness:
    Insurance coverage for 32 Critical Illnesses or dead due to any cause which is not excluded in the policy, with benefit value equal to 100% of Critical Illness Sum Assured.
  • Severity Critical Illness:
    Insurance coverage for 32 Critical Illnesses, including Angioplasty, which will be paid based on the level of Critical Illness with amount of Critical Illness Benefit up to 200% of Severity Critical Illness Sum Assured.
  • Multiple Critical Illnesses:
    Insurance coverage for 33 Critical Illnesses, including angioplasty, which can be paid up to three Critical Illnesses, with amount of Critical Illness Benefit up to 350% of Multiple Critical Illness Sum Assured.
  • Critical Illness 7:
    Insurance coverage for 7 Critical Illnesses with benefits value 100% of Critical Illness 7 Sum Assured.
  • Critical Illness 33:
    Insurance coverage on 33 Critical Illnesses including angioplasty with benefits value 100% of Critical Illness 33 Sum Assured.
  • Hospital & Surgical Plus:
    Comprehensive worldwide health insurance protection with Inpatient Benefits, Surgery Benefits, Medical Benefits and Outpatient Benefits.
  • Hospital Income:
    Insurance protection with Daily Cash Benefits if the Insured and/or the Additional Insured (Insured main families) are undergoing Hospitalization due to illness or injury.
  • Waiver of Premium (TPD + CI):
    Insurance protection which provides Premium waiver if the insured experiences Total Permanent Disability or diagnosed by Critical Illness.
  • Spouse Waiver (TPD + CI):
    Insurance protection which provides Premium waiver if the Policyholder (Insured husband / wife) died, suffered Total Permanent Disability, or diagnosed by Critical Illness.
  • Payor Waiver (TPD + CI):
    Insurance protection which provides Premium waiver if the Policyholder (parents/grandfather/grandmother Insured) died, suffered Total Permanent Disability, or diagnosed by Critical Illness.
  • Personal Accident:
    Insurance protection if the Insured Dies or suffered Permanent Disability due to accident.
  • Payor Term:
    Protection of Policyholders life (parents / grandparents / grandparents Insured) for insured children.
  • Premier Hospital & Surgical:
    comprehensive health insurance coverage with a first-class care to age 80 years.

Investment Fund Options:

Investment Type3 Investment Strategy & Risk Class
IDR Prime Equity Fund Investment in selected listed stocks with relatively high risk tolerance to achieve long term optimum growth rate.
IDR Prime Fixed Income Fund Investment in IDR fixed income instruments with moderate risk tolerance to achieve attractive growth rate.

The entry age of Prime-Link Optimum Protection:

Entry Age of Life Insured Entry Age of Policy holder
1 month until 70 years old Start Age 18


Rupiah (IDR)

Basic Premium:

Premium Payment Period Minimum Basic Premium (yearly)
Rupiah IDR 3,000,000

Premium Allocation:

Premium Acquisition Cost To be invested
Basic Premium 5% 95%
Top-up Premium 3% (Top-up Cost) 97%


  • Acquistion Cost:

    1st policy year 70% of Annual Basic Premium
    2nd policy year 0% of Annual Basic Premium
  • Top Up Fee: 3% from Top Up Premium
  • Investment Management Fee:

    Name of Funds Investment Management Fee (per year)
    IDR Prime Equity Fund 1.0%
    IDR Prime Fixed Income Fund 0.6%
  • The cost of insurance
    is applied since the Effective Date of Policy and depends on age, gender, smoking status, Sum Assured, and Top-up Sum Assured.
  • Administration cost is:

    Policy year (TP) Administrative Costs (IDR)
    TP < 10 years 27,500
    TP >10 years 15,000
  • Policy Management Cost of 3.5% per year of Basic Premium Account Value shall be charged only during the first 7 year of the Policy.
  • Policy Reimbursement Cost shall be charged at the time you redeem the 7 years of first Policy.
  • Switching Cost shall be charged on the transferred funds. Free of transfer charge for 1 (one) early transfer transactions annually.
  • Premiums Holiday Fee shall be automatically charged in accordance with the repayment period of the policy conducted in accordance with applicable regulations. Premium is already include and commission to the Bank.


  1. Terms and conditions are regulated in the Policy. Insurance Benefit is regulated in the Policy. Payment Request of Insurance Benefit (Claim) shall be submitted by customer to PT. AIA FINANCIAL as Insurer.
  2. Account Value is the value of total units at a certain moment, which consists of Basic Premium and Top-Up Premium if any.
  3. Customer has the rights to select one or more riders which subjected cost of rider deduction from Account Value as regulated in the Policy.
  4. The Premium you paid includes the component of those charges (Acquisition Cost, Administration Fee, Fund Management Fee, Cost of Insurance, Cost of Rider (if any), Policy Management Cost, Top-Up Fee, Switching Fee (if any), Policy Reimbursement Cost), Free-look period Administration Fee (if any)) and/or commission which is given by PT.AIA as an insurance company which serves as bank partner to Citibank for bancassurance.

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Free-Look Period

  • The termination during Free Look Period for Prime-Link Optimum Protection is 14 calendar days since the issuance date of the Policy. During the free look period, the investment fund shall be located to IDR Money Market Fund. In the event the Policy is terminated during Free Look Period by the Policy Holder, PT. AIA will returns the Premium after being deducted with Free Look Administration Cost (consist of Policy issuance cost and medical examination cost, if any). After Free Look period, the invested fund would be allocated to the fund option chosen by Customer as stated in the application.
  • In the event the Policy is terminated by the Policy Holder during 15-30 calendar days since the issuance date of Policy, PT. AIA will returns the formed Account Value, Acquisition Cost, Top-Up Fee, Policy Reimbursement Cost, Administration Fee, Cost of Insurance and Policy Management Cost upon the prevailed Policy.
Procedure of Submission

The procedures and the terms & conditions of Insurance Product Submission

To submit your insurance product application, you need to complete and provide the following documents:

  1. Insurance Company's Application Form;
  2. Valid ID card;
  3. Benefit Illustration; and
  4. Other supporting documents.

Insurance product submission will be considered as a complete submission if all the terms and conditions are fulfilled and AIA as the Insurer has received the first premium payment as one of prerequisite of policy issuance and validity.

Illustration Example

Example of Benefit Illustration:

Yulia (Female, 35 years old, non-smokers) buys insurance product Insurance Prime-Link Optimum Protection with details assured as follow:

Basic Premium: IDR 51,176,000 per year

Basic UP: IDR 1,500,000,000

Additional Insurance (Riders):

  • Waiver of Premium (TPD+CI): Basic Premium Free Benefit if suffered Total Permanent Disability or diagnosed with Critical Illness up to age 65.
  • Hospital & Surgical Plus (Plan F): Health full protection until IDR 1Miliar per year, redeem the cost of hospital room IDR 2 million per day until age 75 years old.
  • Severity CI (Plan 80): Benefit Critical Illness up to IDR 1,500,000,000 until age 80 years old.

Type of Investment: 100% IDR Equity Fund.

Scenario 1

If risk of death occurred due to illness at age 55 years old, then Yulia will receive benefits as below:

The Conditions:

  • Account Value of Basic Premium at age 55 years old: IDR1,156,000,000
  • Never do withdrawal the Account Value.
  • Growth of investment 10% per year
  • Do not use Premium Automatic facility.

Insurance Benefit will be paid:

  • Death Benefit
    Sum Assured: IDR 1,500,000,000
  • Investment Benefit
    Account Value: IDR 1,156,000,000

Scenario 2

If risk of death occurred due to Accident in Public Transportation at age 70 years old, then Yulia will receive benefits as follow:

The Conditions:

  • Account Value of Basic Premium at age 70 years old: Rp3,809,000,000
  • Never do withdrawal the Account Value.
  • Growth of investment 10% per year
  • Do not use Premium Automatic facility.

Insurance Benefit will be paid:

  • Death Benefit
    Sum Assured: Rp1,500,000,000
  • Additional Death Benefit due to an accident
  • Up to 100% UP (Death Benefit): Rp500,000,000 (because UP has exceed the maximum limit Additional Death Benefit due to an accident).
  • Additional Death Benefit due to an accident in Public Transportation
    Up to 100% Additional Death Benefit due to an accident: Rp500,000,000 (up to 100% from Additional Death Benefit due to an accident).
  • Investment Benefit
    Account Value: Rp3,809,000,000


The risk of price decline in investment securities due to market price movements can reduce the net asset value per Unit.


Value withdrawal (part/whole) depends on the liquidity of the portfolio and the amount of withdrawal. If the withdrawal is done, by nearly most or all Units Holders so it is not available liquidity in the market, then this way lead to lower net asset value as securities in the portfolio should be sold into the market in large numbers simultaneously, so as to resulted in a decrease in the value of securities in the portfolio.


Changes in economic conditions and political stability in Indonesia can affect the performance of firms; both are listed on the stock exchange and the company that publishes money market instruments and capital markets, which in tum affect the value of securities issued by the company. Change interest rate, exchange rate fluctuations and changes in laws and governmental regulations in the field of finance, capital markets, money markets, banking / or taxation can affect investment performance.


Policyholders will be exposed to the credit risk of PT.AIA FINANCIAL as selector's risk of insurance products. Credit risk relates to the ability to pay obligations PT. AIA FINANCIAL Indonesia to its costumer. PT. AIA FINANCIAL has managed to maintain its performance to exceed the minimum capital adequacy is determined by the Government.


Partial withdrawal of fund is not allowed until a certain period. If cancellation occurs before the policy due date, the customer will receive a refund in the form of the Redeem Value. Redeem values calculated based on the calculation of the number of Units that have been formed with the applicable unit price, net with the applicable charges.


Unless otherwise stipulated by the legislation in force, withdrawal or redemption is made after the policy was 3 (three) years from the date of publication, are not subject to tax. Policy Withdrawal or redemption done before the 3rd (third) years from the date of publication tax will be charged in compliance with the applicable legislation.


Risk associated with third party negligence as securities broker (broker), the agent sales, custodian bank (custodian), the investment manager (fund managers) and the situation of force majeure (including but not limited to natural disasters, fires, riots, etc.).


Foreign Exchange Risk occurs when Policy holder converted non-home based currency (such as USD) Death Benefit or Policy Maturity Benefit into home-based currency which may affect to the value compare to home-based currency initial investment value.


Prime-Link Optimum Protection has investment risk. Customer must read and understand the insurance products with investment element provided by PT. AIA FINANCIAL before deciding to buy Prime-Link Optimum Protection product. Prime-Link Optimum Protection is an insurance product of PT. AIA FINANCIAL. Prime-Link Optimum Protection is a unit-link insurance product. This product is NOT savings, NOT time deposit, NOT an obligation and NOT guaranteed by Citibank, N.A. ("Citibank"), Citigroup or its affiliates. References from Citibank are part of collaboration between Citibank, N.A. and AIA in Prime-Link Optimum Protection product. This insurance product is not a product of Citibank.

This insurance product is not insured by the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS). Investment in Prime-Link Optimum Protection product has investment risk in the future, including the potential loss of some or all of the capital. Clients must understand that past performance is not an indicator or guarantee of future developments. The value of investments may up or down in accordance with fluctuations in the Net Asset Value (NAV).

Investors shall be exposed to credit risk of PT. AIA FINANCIAL. This means that the insurance policy contains risk where there is a possibility that PT. AIA FINANCIAL is not able to pay certain due money as stated in the policy. In this case, all or part of the insured amount and other values as stated in the policy facing the risk of losing all or part of it.

Details of the benefits, terms and conditions are contained in the policy of Prime-Link Optimum Protection issued by the PT. AIA FINANCIAL Citibank is not responsible for the content of the policy issued by PT. AIA FINANCIAL related to products of Prime-Link Optimum Protection. The buyer of Prime-Link Optimum Protection insurance product must read and follow the terms and conditions as stated in the Prime-Link Optimum Protection policy.

There are some conditions where the insurance benefits could not be paid. It is listed in the Exclusions provisions contained in the insurance policy. Customers are advised to read the insurance policy carefully to obtain more detailed information regarding the benefit exclusion list.

If you are hesitant, it is suggested that you should consult with the experts in this field. However, if you choose not to do so, then you are fully responsible for ensuring that these products are in accordance with the needs and goals of your insurance.

Insurance product is a product that requires long-term commitment. Insurance termination before its due date may cause high costs and the redemption value to be received may be less than the total premiums paid.

For insurance products that use foreign currency, premiums and benefits to be paid shall use the pertinent foreign currency. The amount of policy benefits paid in foreign currency shall depend on the prevailing exchange rate at that time and it's possible to have high exchange rate differences. Life insurance products in foreign currency will depend on the exchange rate fluctuations, which may provide the potential as well as risks.

The offered Insurance products as marketing arrangement between Citibank and PT.AIA FINANCIAL have been reported and/or obtained a confirmation letter and/or obtained approval from Otoritas Jasa Keuangan and/or related authorized institutions accordance with the prevailing regulations.

Citibank N.A., Indonesia is a bank that is licensed, registered and supervised by the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK).