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A Privileged Life, a  World-Class Solution

Along with the economic growth and the welfare advancement of Indonesian society, the need for more innovative solution continues to increase.

SIGNATURE LIFE ASSURANCE PLUS, is a regular premium unit link product that works and evolve in line with your priority and financial goal at every stage of your life. With concept of target funds, that is an amount of value that fixed at the beginning of Insurance agreement in order to prepare your financial security and reliability.

Product Info

Exclusive Features for the Exclusive You1

We understand that success person like you deserved to get the best experience in insurance. Signature Life Assurance Plus provides exclusive feature and services in order to support you to fulfill every financial priority and goals at every stage of your life.

Priority Access for your Protection and Investment

This product will protect you up to 99 years old and guaranteed Top-Up account value in adverse market condition if the event of death occurs.


  • In this product you are flexible to add and withdraw your investment fund anytime
  • Enjoy the freedom to do the switching according to your risk profile
  • You can also adjust Sum Assured according to your life stages

Loyalty Bonus

For those of you who faithfully perform Basic Premium payments until 10th premium year, will receive loyalty bonus amounted to a maximum of 100% annual Basic Premium.

Complete Protection

There are varieties of Additional Insurance that you can choose according to your requirements and needs.

Priority Service

AIA Priority Service Line dedicated to provide you easier access to obtain information via phone line and email.

Benefits of Signature Life Assurance Plus2

  1. Death Benefit
    a. The higher of :
    • Insurance Value (which equals to Sum Assured less accumulated withdrawals from Basic Account Value, minus Basic Account Value); or
    • 5 (five) times of Annual Basic Premium.

    b. Top-Up Sum Assured , if any: which equals to accumulated Top-up premiums less accumulated withdrawals from Top-up Account Value (if any), minus Top-up Account Value. If the calculation result is zero or negative then no Top-up Sum Assured shall be payable.
  2. Investment Benefit
    Investment Benefit in the form of Account Value (if any), shall be payable if (whichever comes first):
    a. The Insured attains the age of 99 (ninety nine) years old and the policy is still valid; or
    b. The Insured dies and the policy is still valid; or
    c. The Policy is terminated

Series of Riders3

Signature Life Assurance Plus provides protection solution right when you need it the most. You have the opportunity to add Riders during the insurance period.

The Best Health Protection throughout Indonesia and Overseas

  • Premier Hospital & Surgical (IDR), worldwide comprehensive health insurance with Inpatient Benefits, including cashless facility at the counterparty hospital in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore with the benefit limit up to IDR10 Billion per year until 80 years old.
  • Hospital & Surgical Plus (IDR), comprehensive health insurance protection with cashless facility at the counterparty hospital in Indonesia with the benefit limit up to IDR1 Billion per year until 75 years old.
  • Premier Hospital and Surgical Extra (IDR), Worldwide comprehensive health insurance with Inpatient Benefits (1 bedroom and 1 bathroom) with protection value up to IDR20 Billion per year and booster up to IDR45 Billion until 99 years old.
    Click here for benefit details.

Earlier Protection of Critical Illness

  • Severity Critical Illness (IDR), insurance protection toward Critical Illness since the early stage with the Claim Value of Critical Illness up to 200% Protection Money of Critical Illness with the protection until 80 years old.
  • Multiple Critical Illnesses (IDR), insurance protection towards Critical Illness up to 3 kinds of Critical Illness including 2 times diagnosed by cancer with the protection until 80 years old.
  • CI (IDR & USD), CI 33 (IDR), and CI 7 (IDR), insurance protection toward Critical Illness with the protection until 80 years old.

Comprehensive Protection of Total Permanent Disability

  • Personal Accident (IDR & USD), insurance protection if the Insured suffers from Permanent Disability or dies due to accident.
  • Waiver of Premium and Spouse Waiver (IDR & USD), insurance protection which provides Premium waiver if the insured suffers from Total Permanent Disability or diagnosed by Critical Illness.

Investment Fund Options:

Investment Type

Investment Strategy & Risk Class

IDR Prime Equity Fund

Investment on mutual fund with relatively high risk tolerance to achieve optimum long-term growth rate.

IDR Prime Fixed Income Fund

Investment on IDR fixed income instruments with moderate risk tolerance to achieve attractive growth rate.

IDR Equity Fund

Investment on stock in the Indonesia Stock Exchange that give you relatively high growth with relatively high risk.

IDR Balanced Fund

Strategic investment on selected stocks with relatively high risk level and on fixed income securities with medium risk tolerance to achieve optimum growth rate.

USD Fixed Income Fund

Investment on USD fixed income instruments with moderate risk tolerance to achieve attractive growth rate.

USD Prime Global Equity Fund

Investing in US Dollar with diversified placement widely in various countries both developed and emerging countries with relatively high risk level to obtain optimal long-term growth rate.

USD Prime Emerging Market Equity Fund

Investment in US Dollar with a widely diversified placement in various developing countries with a relatively high level of risk to obtain optimal long-term growth rates.

USD Prime Multi Asset Income Fund

Investments in US Dollars through the selection of multi-asset mutual funds listed on global stock exchanges and have a diversified investment in a variety of assets such as debt securities, shares, infrastructure assets, Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs), Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Catastrophe Bonds (CAT bonds), and / or equity hedges that are marketed in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom and / or developing countries with medium risk levels to obtain a sustainable growth rate.

USD Prime Greater China Equity Fund

Investments in US Dollars which aim to provide long-term investment growth with a relatively high level of risk through diversification in equity funds and equity-related securities from companies originating from China, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan.


Rupiah (IDR) and US Dollar (USD)

Entry Age

Insured Entry Age Entry Age of Policy holder

18 – 70 years old

Minimum 18 years old

Coverage Period

Up to Insured attains age 99 years old

Premium Payment Period:

  1. Whole life (up to 99 y.o)
  2. 10 years

Basic Premium:

Premium Payment Period

Minimum Premium Payment

US Dollar




Minimum Sum Assured :

Age (years old) Rupiah US Dollar

18 - 70


Minimum Top-Up Premium :

Rupiah USD



Loyalty Bonus :

Minimum Annual Basic Premium

Loyalty Bonus (% of Annual Basic Premium)

< IDR 300 Million / < USD 30,000


≥ IDR 300 Million / ≥ USD 30,000


    The following conditions need to be fulfilled:
  1. The Basic Premium have been fully paid up to the 10th Premium Year; and
  2. Accumulated withdrawals from Basic Premium Account Value is not more than 2 times of the annual Basic Premium.


  • Acquisition Cost:

    1st Policy Year

    50% Annual Basic Premium

    2nd Policy Year onwards 0% Annual Basic Premium
  • Top Up Fee: 3% from Top Up Premium
  • Investment Management Fee :Depend on the investment type chosen

  • Cost of Insurance :
    Charged monthly calculated by age, gender, Top-Up Sum Assured (if any), Smoking Status, and Insurance Value during the Insurance Period.
  • Administration fee:

    Rupiah USD



  • Policy Maintenance Fee
    Policy Currency

    Policy Maintenance Fee from Basic Premium Account Value



    US Dollar


  • Policy Surrender Charge
    Policy Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    8 Onwards

    Policy Surrender Charge (% Basic Premium Account Value) 65% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 5% 0%
  • Free Switching Fee for 5 Switching transactions every year.
  • Automatic Premium Holiday Fee will be charged in accordance with the Policy payment period as specified in the provision.


  1. Terms and conditions are regulated in the Policy
  2. Insurance Benefit is regulated in the Policy. Payment Request of Insurance Benefit (Claim) shall be submitted by customer to PT. AIA FINANCIAL as Insurer.
  3. Riders options are adjusted based on the currency type of policy selected. Customer has the rights to select one or more riders which are subjected to cost of rider deducted from Account Value as regulated in the Policy.
  4. The Premium you pay includes component of fees above and/or commission which is given by PT AIA FINANCIAL as the insurance company which serves as Citibank’s bancassurance partner.

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Product Summary

Free-Look Period

Free Look Period is 30 calendar days after Policy Effective Date. If the policy is cancelled within Free Look Period by Policy Holder, then PT AIA Financial will return the Premium after deducted with Free Look Administration Cost (including policy issuance cost & medical check up charges, if applicable) at the latest 15 working days since the cancellation request form is received by PT AIA Financial

Procedure of Submission

The procedures and the Terms & Conditions of Insurance Product Submission

To submit your insurance product application, you need to complete and provide the following documents:

  1. Insurance Company's Application Form;
  2. Valid ID card;
  3. Benefit Illustration; and
  4. Other supporting documents.

Insurance product submission will be considered as a complete submission if all the terms and conditions are fulfilled and AIA as the Insurer has received the first premium payment as one of prerequisite of policy issuance and validity.

Illustration Example

Example of Benefit Illustration:

Andi (Male, 40 years old, non-smokers) buys Insurance products Signature Life Assurance Plus with the following details:
Basic Premium : IDR 350.000.000 per year
Regular Top-Up Premium : IDR 50.000.000 per year
Sum Assured : IDR
Premium Payment Period : 10 years

If risk of death due to illness occurred at age 47 years, then the beneficiary will receive the following benefits:

Policy conditions with medium investment rate, assumption of 10% per year:

  • Regular Top-Up for 8 Policy Years with total premium of Top-Up Regular that has been paid : IDR 50.000.000 x 8 times = IDR 400.000.000
  • Basic Premium Account Value at the end of Policy Year at age 47 years old: IDR 3.253.686.000
  • Top-Up Account Value at the end of Policy Year at age 47 years old: IDR 610.105.000
  • No withdrawal in Basic Premium Account Value and never made Single Top-Up payment.

Insurance Benefit:

  • Death Benefit
    Whichever higher:

    a. Insurance Value
      = Sum Assured – accumulated withdrawal from Basic Premium Account Value - Basic Premium Account Value
      = IDR – 0 – IDR 3.253.686.000
      = IDR 6.746.314.000

    b. 5 (five) times Annual Basic Premium = 5 x IDR 350.000.000 = IDR 1.750.000.000

  • Plus
    Top-Up Sum Assured
      = Accumulated Top-Up Premium - accumulated withdrawal from Top-Up Premium Account Value - Top-Up
      Premium Account Value
      = IDR 400.000.000 – 0 – IDR 610.105.000
      = (-) IDR 210.105.000
      Because the result is negative or 0 (zero), so there is no Top-Up Sum Assured that shall be paid.

    Total Death Benefit = IDR6.746.314.000 + 0 = IDR6.746.314.000

  • Investment Benefit = Basic Premium Account Value + Top-Up Premium Account Value
      = IDR 3.253.686.000 + IDR 610.105.000
      = IDR 3.863.791.000

Total Benefits to be received by the beneficiary are:
Death Benefit + Investment Benefit = IDR 6.746.314.000 + IDR 3.863.791.000 = IDR 10.610.105.000

The above investment benefit value is using IDR Equity Fund with 10% per year investment rate assumption, without premium holiday, and no withdrawal from the account value. If the assumption of investment rate is using 5% and 15% investment rate, then Total Benefit will be (Death Benefit + Investment Benefit) with the respective amount of Rp10.486.288.000,- and Rp10.765.613.000,-



The risk of price decline in investment securities due to market price movements can reduce the Net Asset Value per Unit.


The withdrawal value (partly/wholly) depends on the liquidity of portfolio and the amount of withdrawal. If the withdrawal is done simultaneously, by most of or all the Unit Holders and makes the market is not liquid, this may lead to the decreasing of the Net Active Value as securities in portfolio must be sold in large number simultaneously, hence it can lead impairment of securities in the portfolio.


The change in economic conditions and political stability in Indonesia can affect the performance of companies, both that listed on the stock exchange and also company issue the money market and capital market instrument, which in turn influence value of securities issued by those companies. Interest rate fluctuation, exchange rate fluctuation, and changes in legislation and regulations on financial sector, capital market, money market, banking and/or taxation may affect investment performance.


Customer will be exposed to the Credit Risk of PT. AIA FINANCIAL as the risk selector of insurance product. The credit risk related to the capacity to pay the obligation of PT. AIA FINANCIAL to the customers. PT. AIA FINANCIAL has succeeded to maintain its performance to exceed the minimum capital adequacy determined by the Government.


Partial withdrawal is not allowed until certain period. If the Policy surrender occurs before the due date, the customer shall receive a refund in the form of Surrender Value. The Surrender Value calculated based on the calculation of the formed Unit with the applicable Unit price, after deducted with costs incurred.


Unless otherwise stipulated by the legislation in force, withdrawal or redemption areis subject to tax in compliance with applicable legislation.


Risk associated with third party negligence as securities broker (broker), the agent sales, custodian bank (custodian), the investment manager (fund managers) and the situation of force majeure (including but not limited to natural disasters, fires, riots, etc.).


For Insurance products that use foreign currencies, Premium, and the benefit will be paid by using related foreign currency. The amount of Policy benefit that is paid by using foreign currency will depend on the exchange rate prevailing at that time and have possibility of high exchange rate differences. Life insurance products in foreign exchange rate will depend on exchange rate fluctuations, which might cause the potential and risks.


Signature Life Assurance Plus has investment risk. Customer must read and understand the insurance products with investment element provided by PT. AIA FINANCIAL before deciding to buy Signature Life Assurance Plus product. Signature Life Assurance Plus is an insurance product of PT. AIA FINANCIAL.

Signature Life Assurance Plus is a unit-link insurance product. This product is NOT savings, NOT time deposit, NOT an obligation and NOT guaranteed by Citibank, N.A. ("Citibank"), Citigroup or its affiliates. References from Citibank are part of collaboration between Citibank, N.A. and AIA in Signature Life Assurance Plus product. This insurance product is not a product of Citibank.

This insurance product is not insured by the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS). Investment in Signature Life Assurance Plus product has investment risk in the future, including the potential loss of some or all of the capital. Clients must understand that past performance is not an indicator or guarantee of future developments. The value of investments may up or down in accordance with fluctuations in the Net Asset Value (NAV).

Investors shall be exposed to credit risk of PT. AIA FINANCIAL. This means that the insurance policy contains risk where there is a possibility that PT. AIA FINANCIAL is not able to pay certain due money as stated in the policy. In this case, all or part of the insured amount and other values as stated in the policy facing the risk of losing all or part of it.

Details of the benefits, terms and conditions are contained in the policy of Signature Life Assurance Plus issued by the PT. AIA FINANCIAL Citibank is not responsible for the content of the policy issued by PT. AIA FINANCIAL related to products of Signature Life Assurance Plus. The buyer of Signature Life Assurance Plus insurance product must read and follow the terms and conditions as stated in the Signature Life Assurance Plus policy.

There are some conditions where the insurance benefits could not be paid. It is listed in the Exclusions provisions contained in the insurance policy. Customers are advised to read the insurance policy carefully to obtain more detailed information regarding the benefit exclusion list. If you are hesitant, it is suggested that you should consult with the experts in this field. However, if you choose not to do so, then you are fully responsible for ensuring that these products are in accordance with the needs and goals of your insurance.

Insurance product is a product that requires long-term commitment. Insurance termination before its due date may cause high costs and the redemption value to be received may be less than the total premiums paid. For insurance products that use foreign currency, premiums and benefits to be paid shall use the pertinent foreign currency. The amount of policy benefits paid in foreign currency shall depend on the prevailing exchange rate at that time and it's possible to have high exchange rate differences. Life insurance products in foreign currency will depend on the exchange rate fluctuations, which may provide the potential as well as risks.

The offered Insurance products as marketing arrangement between Citibank and PT.AIA FINANCIAL have been reported and/or obtained a confirmation letter and/or obtained approval from Otoritas Jasa Keuangan and/or related authorized institutions accordance with the prevailing regulations.

Citibank N.A., Indonesia is a bank that is licensed, registered and supervised by the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK).