Family in Care Insurance

Secure their smile for tomorrow.

Secure their smile for tomorrow.

Your Family’s smile brings joy to you. However life is full of uncertainty. Secure their smile from life surprises that might happen tomorrow.

Right For You If:
Right For You If:
  1. You are looking for life protection with affordable premiums
  2. You want an education benefit for your child
  3. You want a bonus if there is no claim during the policy period

Entry Age : 18-65 years old

Protection Coverage Period : 1 year, can be renewable until the Insured attains age 75 years old.

Insurance Benefits

  • Accidental Death Benefit
    The Insurance Benefit in the amount of 100% Sum Assured will be paid in lump sum if the Insured dies due to Accident.
  • Accidental Disability and Dismemberment Benefit
    Benefit will be paid if the Insured suffers Total Permanent Disability or Partial Permanent Disability with the terms of a percentage of the Sum Assured as follows:
    a. Total Permanent Disability :100% of Sum Assured
    b. Partial Permanent Disability or Loss of Function : 5% - 65% of Sum Assured
  • No Claim Bonus
    No Claim Bonus will be paid in the amount of 20 % of total Premium paid when there is no claim has been made within 2 consecutive Policy Year.
  • Children Education Benefit
    The Sum Assured shall be paid if the Insured dies or suffers from Total Permanent Disability or Partial Permanent Disability due to Accident.
    In case the Insured has Partial Permanent Disability, the Sum Assured will be paid based on proportion as specified in Accidental Disability and Dismemberment Benefit. This benefit will be payable even if the Insured does not have any children.

Benefits and Premium

Insurance Benefit Sum Assured
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Accidental Death Benefit IDR100 Mio IDR200 Mio IDR300 Mio
Accidental Disability and Dismemberment Benefit IDR100 Mio IDR200 Mio IDR300 Mio
No Claim Bonus Available
Children Educaton Benefit/td> IDR50 Mio IDR100 Mio IDR150 Mio
Monthly Premium*
Entry Age IDR78,260 IDR143,019 IDR207,779
18 - 65 years old

*note: premium are level based on entry age

Underwriting Method
GIO (Guarantee Issue Offering)

Help & Support Contact
Contact AIA Customer Line

  • Call : 1500980
  • Email :


Chandra (40 years old) purchased Family In Care Insurance products with the following details:
Premium : Rp143.019 / month
Sum Insured : Rp200.000.000,-
Insurance Benefit :
• Accidental Death Benefit: Rp200.000.000,-
• Accidental Disability and Dismemberment Benefit: Rp200.000.000,-
• No Claim Bonus: 20% of Premium paid
• Children Education Benefit: Rp100,000,000,-

Scenario 1

In the event of risk of Accident causing the loss of one leg, Chandra will receive the Insurance Benefit paid As follows:
Disability Benefit Insurance Benefit Or Loss of Body Members:
• One foot loss = 50% of Sum Insured = Rp100.000.000,-

Scenario 2

In the event of Accident risk causing death, Chandra will receive Benefit Insurance paid as follows:
Benefit Insurance Death Due to Accident = 100% of Sum Assured = Rp200.000.000,-


To claim insurance benefit, please contact AIA Customer Line:

  • Call : 1500980
  • Email :

Claim Documents
Below are the documents that need to be submitted for insurance claim

Accidental Death Benefit:

  1. Original Policy (as applicable);
  2. Photocopy of the legal self-evidence of the Insured, You, the Designee and the Proposer;
  3. Original Power of Attorney from You / Appointed (if authorized);
  4. The Death Claim Form that has been filled in correctly and completely by you / Designated;
  5. The Death Claim Completed Form which has been filled correctly and completely by the Doctor;
  6. Photocopy of Family Card;
  7. Letter of death from the authorized institution;
  8. Letter of Statement of visum et repertum or original autopsy statement letter from a valid Doctor or authorized Hospital, if necessary;
  9. Original / legalized Certificate of the Police on the causes of Accidents, if necessary;
  10. Original death certificate from the local Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, if the Insured dies overseas; and
  11. Other documents deemed necessary by PT AIA Financial in connection with the Insurance Benefit request.

Accidental Total Permanent Disability or Partial Permanent Disability Benefit:

  1. Original policy (as applicable);
  2. Copy of valid proof of identity of the Insured, You and the person who submit the request.
  3. The original power of attorney from you (if authorized);
  4. Letter of Statement from You/the appointed stating the causes of Total Permanent Disability (Form A);
  5. Letter of Statement from the Doctor who treated the Insured during Total Permanent Disability (Form B);
  6. Legitimate and authorized Letter of Statement from Doctor that state the Insured suffers Total Permanent Disability; and
  7. The resume during hospitalization (medical report) for Total Permanent Disability claim.
  8. Original/legalized Letter of Statement from the police about the causes of the accident, if necessary;
  9. Other documents deemed necessary by PT AIA Financial in connection with requests for insurance benefits.

Insurance Benefit under this Policy shall not be paid if directly or indirectly if the Insured suffers an Accident due to:

  • The Insured prepares for or participates in an agility, speed competition and so forth using a motor vehicle on land, water or air or the like;
  • A result of the Insured’s involvement in professional sport or the Insured earning a salary from engaging in such sport or the insured's involvement in dangerous activities or hobbies that lead to high risk;
  • The Insured’s direct or indirect involvement in wars (whether declared or not), invasion by other countries, operation of hostile nature or resembling wars (whether declared or not), terrorism, civil wars, insurrection, riot or turmoil as a part of or constituting general upheaval, military rise, resistance/fights, revolutions, military or armed force, martial law, participation in military actions/activities;
  • The Insured’s engagement in flight or the like, unless if the Insured is as a passenger on an airline with fixed and regular flight schedule, and having flight licenses;
  • Any intentional self-inflicted Injuries or attempted suicide or any other acts towards the similar purpose;
  • Mental and/or phsyciatric illness;
  • The Insured under the influence of or involved in the abuse of narcotics, psychotropic drugs, alcohol, poisons, gases or similar substances, or drugs (except drugs or substances that are used based on the recommendation by the Doctor);
  • The Insured deliberately committing or participating in a brawl, crime/violation of law, or an attempted crime/attempted violation of law, whether active or not.
  • Ionization radiation or contamination by radioactive from nuclear fuels or nuclear waste derived from nuclear fission or nuclear weapons; or
  • Insurance crimes committed by a party/parties who has/have or jointly having interest in insurance protection.



  • Family in Care is an insurance product issued by PT AIA FINANCIAL as the Insurer. This product is NOT a bank product, NOT a saving or NOT a bank deposit, NOT an obligation and is not guaranteed by Citibank, N.A (“Citibank”), Citigroup or its affiliates. Family In Care is not included as an object of deposit guaranteed program (LPS) and customer are exposed to the credit risk of PT AIA Financial. The use of Citibank’s logo is a form of marketing cooperation with distribution business model between Citibank and PT. AIA FINANCIAL and does not mean that the insurance product is a product of Citibank. The participation of customers in the insurance products of PT. AIA FINANCIAL is optional (customer’s choice).
  • Details of benefits, terms and conditions are attached in the Policy issued by PT. AIA FINANCIAL. Citibank is not responsible for Policy issued by PT. AIA FINANCIAL inside insurance product. Prospective buyer of insurance product must read and obey with the terms and conditions of Family In Care as stated in the policy. There are some conditions in which the insurance benefit cannot be paid. It is listed on the Policy Exclusions. Customers are advised to read the Policy to obtain more detailed information regarding benefit exclusion list.
  • In the event of insurance benefit claim rejection, then Citibank has no obligation to explain the respective claim rejection reason. If the Insured does not agree to the terms and conditions as specified in the Policy for any reasons whatsoever, the coverage can be cancelled within 30 (thirty) days since the issued Policy date (“Free Look Period”). In such case, the Policy shall automatically become ineffective from the Effective Date of the Policy and there is no insurance protection shall become Insurer’s obligation to the Insured.
  • Insured will be exposed to the credit risk of insurance company, which means the insurance policy involves risks, in which there is possibility that insurance companies is not financially capable to pay the payable money as stated in Policy document, and may result potential lost in some part of insured value and other values as stated in Policy document. PT AIA FINANCIAL has been successfully maintaining its financial performance to exceed the capital adequacy standard determined by the Government.
  • PT. AIA FINANCIAL product offered through the marketing agreement between Citibank with PT AIA FINANCIAL as the Insurer and has been reported and/or receive affirmation letter and/or approval from Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK) and related authority.
  • Citibank N.A., Indonesia and PT AIA Financial are licensed and supervised by the Indonesia Financial Service Authority (OJK).