Preserve your wealth for an enduring heritage

Preserve your wealth for an enduring heritage

Protect your family and manage your assets simultaneously.

Your accomplishment is a reflection of how much you have achieved in life. Everyone needs to ensure that all the achievement will last even after you're passing. Apart with values you're passing on, you will want to pave the way for your family to carry your heritage forward so they could continue enjoy their lifestyle.

With AIA Premier Heritage, a traditional insurance product from PT AIA Financial, we can help you lay a strong foundation to grow, protect and preserve your assets for your generations to come.

Premier Heritage Advantages1
Right for you if:
  • An assurance of a lifetime with high value protection
  • A lifetime Terminal Illness2 benefit
  • A guaranteed cash value from day one
  • A Simple exclusion provision
Product Info

Premier Heritage Benefit1

Death Benefit

100% of Sum Assured shall be paid If the Insured passed away within the Insurance Period and the Policy still in force, by deducting the prior paid benefit for Terminal Illness benefit, plus Non-Guaranteed Additional Benefit (if any).

Terminal Illness Benefit2

100% of Sum Assured is payable upon first diagnosis of Terminal Illness (as an accelerated Death Benefit up to maximum IDR20bio).

Guaranteed Cash Value

A guaranteed cash value from day one:

  • Single Premium: 80% of premium paid
  • 5-years Premium: 20% of premium paid

Cash value can be used when Policy Loan or Surrender.

Non-Guaranteed Additional Benefit

  • Non-Guaranteed Additional Benefit (if any) shall be paid since the 3rd Policy Year on each policy anniversary.
  • Non-Guaranteed Additional Benefit can be taken with the following options:
    • Transferred to saving account;
    • Accumulated with an interest rate which determined from time to time.

Maturity Benefit

If the Insured attains age 99 years old and the Policy still in force, the amount of 100% Sum Assured shall be paid by deducting the prior paid claim payment Terminal Illness, plus Non-Guaranteed Additional Benefit (if any).

1The complete term and condition stipulated in the Policy.

2Terminal Illness: A late-stage illness with less than 6 (six) months life expectancy.

Term of Submission Premier Heritage:

  • Insured entry age is 18 - 70 years old. Policy Holder entry age is at minimum 18 years old.
  • Minimum Sum Assured is IDR10bio.
  • Document needed during submission:
    • Application Form
    • Identity Card
    • Sales Illustration
    • Other supporting documents.
  • Insurance application will be approved if all term and conditions have been fulfilled and premium has been paid as one of Policy issuance and enactment requirement.

All fees charged to the Customer will be referred to the provisions of Policy Premier Heritage including but not limited to, transfer fee, provision cost (if any), cost of free-look administration (if any), cost of medical check-up (if any), cost of Premium Loan (if any) and cost of Policy Loan (if any).

Claims submitted directly by the Customer to PT. AIA FINANCIAL as the Insurer.

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You just have to come to our branch to get further details about Premier Heritage.

Free-Look Period

30 days from policy issuing date. Terms and conditions of free-look period are defined in the Policy.

Illustration Example

Example of Benefit Illustration

Mr. Chandra (40 years old) is a successful businessman who have assets distributed at various fields, includes cash equivalent, equity, bonds, property and family business.

Mr. Chandra asset allocation

Total asset IDR70Bio

At the age of 41 years, Mr. Chandra passed away at the time of economic condition are not favorable and there's a change in Mr. Chandra's asset value. Here's an illustration of Mr. Chandra's assets:

Total asset IDR 65Bio

  • Cash Equivalent : IDR12Bio
  • Property : IDR18Bio
  • Bonds : IDR3Bio
  • Equity : IDR7Bio
  • Family Business: IDR25Bio
Without Premier Heritage With Premier Heritage
Without Premier Heritage

Total Asset IDR65Bio

Mr. Chandra asset down to IDR5Bio due to market condition. Now the total asset becomes IDR65Bio and his asset would be significantly affected which will be needed to support his family.

With Premier Heritage

Total Asset IDR71.6Bio

Mr. Chandra bought Premier Heritage with sum assured IDR10Bio with single premium IDR3.4Bio - standard risk & non-smoking (taken from his cash equivalent). With Premier Heritage, Mr. Chandra's family will receive sum assured to support their living.



Changes in economic conditions and political stability in Indonesia can affect the performance of firms; both are listed on the stock exchange and the company that publishes money market instruments and securities. Change interest rate, exchange rate fluctuations, changes in macroeconomic, and laws and governmental regulations in the field of finance, capital markets, money markets, banking /or taxation can affect investment performance.


Policyholders will be exposed to the credit risk of PT.AIA FINANCIAL as selector's risk of insurance products. Credit risk relates to the ability to pay obligations PT. AIA FINANCIAL Indonesia to its customer. PT. AIA FINANCIAL has managed to maintain its performance to exceed the minimum capital adequacy is determined by the Government.


If the policy cancelled by the policy holder and found the unsuitable information with the actual condition and situation, cancelled in terms of FACTA regulation, or cancelled as requested written by customer, then customer will be received paid Redeem Policy Cancellation. Redeem values calculated based on Present Value and accumulation Additional Benefit Unguaranteed (if available). Present Value is amount of money that will be paid to the customer refer Table of Present Value as written in Policy.

If customer's cancellation Policy occurs due to Free Look, the customer will receive a refund Premium after deducted by Administration Free Look cost.


Insurance product offered is a product of PT. AIA FINANCIAL, Citibank N.A., Indonesia ("Citibank") Insurance Partner. This product is NOT savings, NOT bank deposits, NOT obligation and NOT guaranteed by Citibank, Citigroup or its affiliates. Insurance product is not included as an object of Deposit Guaranteed Program (Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan/LPS). Product distributed by Citibank is marketing arrangement between Citibank and PT. AIA FINANCIAL and it does not entail that the insurance product is Citibank's product.

Policy Holder is exposed to credit risk PT. AIA FINANCIAL. This means that the insurance policy is subject to the risk that PT. AIA FINANCIAL may become unable to pay any amounts due under the policy. In such cases, the entire insured amount and any other amounts due under the policy may come under risk of complete or partial loss.

The full details of the product benefit, terms and condition, are provided in policy issued by PT. AIA FINANCIAL. Citibank accepts no responsibility for any insurance policy issued by PT. AIA FINANCIAL in relation to the insurance product. Buyer of insurance product must read and follow the terms and conditions of policy.

There are certain conditions whereby the benefits under the plan will not be payable. These are stated as exclusions in the policy contract. You are advised to read the policy contract for the full list of exclusions.

You should seek advice from a qualified adviser if in doubt. If you choose not to, you will have to take sole responsibility to ensure that this product is appropriate to your financial needs and insurance objectives.

Buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment. An early termination of the policy usually involves high costs and surrender value payable may be less than the total premiums paid.

Citibank, Citigroup, Inc., its affiliates and its employees are not in the business of providing tax or legal advice to any taxpayer outside of Citibank, Citigroup, Inc. and its affiliates. This document is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used or relied upon, by any such taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties. Tax benefits are subject to changes in the tax laws. Any such taxpayer should seek advice based on the taxpayer's particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor.

The offered insurance products as marketing arrangement between Citibank and Insurance Company have been reported and/or obtained a confirmation letter and/or obtained an approval from Financial Services Authority (OJK) and/or related authority in accordance with the prevailing law.

Citibank N.A., Indonesia is a bank that is licensed, registered and supervised by the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK).