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Every single second matters. Have you secured your life?

Every single second matters. Have you secured your life?

Life is so unpredictable. It gives you dreams and hopes. You hold the key to for the future, and be assured that you are protected to make it happens.

Complete your financial plan with Secure Life In Care.

A term life insurance product from PT. AIA Financial which gives life protection up to 10 years and gives you guarantee on 100% return of premium.

Right For You If:
Right For You If:
  1. You are looking for term life protection with affordable premium rate.
  2. You need comprehensive protection in one insurance product.
  3. You want to have your premium return at the end of your insurance period.
Product Details

Entry Age              : 18 – 55 years old

Protection Coverage Period : 10 years

Insurance Benefits

  • Death Benefit
    100% Sum Assured or total premium paid, whichever higher.
  • Total Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit
    100% Sum Assured or total premium paid, whichever higher.
    After benefit paid, the Insurance Coverage is over.

In the case of policy remains in-force at the end of insurance period, 100% of premium paid will be returned to customer.

Benefits & Premium

Benefits Sum Assured (IDR)
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Death or TPD Benefit 250.000.000 300.000.000 400.000.000 500.000.000
Return on Premium 100% of Premium Paid at the end of Protection Period
Entry Age Monthly Premium (IDR)
18 - 25 392.850 471.420 628.560 785.700
26 - 30 424.350 509.220 678.960 848.700
31 - 35 554.850 665.820 887.760 1.109.700
36 - 40 799.650 959.580 1.279.440 1.599.300
41 - 45 1.166.400 1.399.680 1.866.240 2.332.800
46 - 50 1.698.525 2.038.230 2.717.640 3.397.050
51 - 55 2.454.075 2,944.890 3,926.520 4.908.150

  • Premium rate is unisex
  • Premium type is guaranteed Premium Rates (the amount of premium will stay constant to the end of the contract).
  • 5% Premium discount for spouse.

Medical Underwriting

  • Never had heart disease, chest pain, stroke, hypertension, cancer growth, diabetes, or liver diseases, respiratory system, kidneys, bowel, neurological disease, blood disorder, unexplained weight loss, or loss of one function of upper body movement or lower body movement or loss of one or all upper body or lower body limbs or total loss of sight
  • Never undergone or advised by a doctor to start examination of disease related to the diseases mentioned in point 1 or never been hospitalized for 5 consecutive days within the last five years*.

*= excluding accidents/ child birth/ dengue fever

Procedure of Submission

Contact CitiPhone Banking 24-Hours Service at 69999 from your mobile phone

Help & Support Contact

Contact AIA Customer Line:

  • Call : 1500980
  • Email :


Customer Age       : 35 Years Old

Chosen Plan        : Plan

Monthly Premium    : Rp665.820,-

Benefits Type Sum Assured
Death or Total Permanent Disability Rp300.000.000,-
Return on Premium 100% of Total Premium Paid at the end of Protection Period (10 year).

100% x 10years x 12months x Rp665.820,- = Rp79.898.400,-
Claim Procedure

To claim insurance benefit, please contact AIA Customer Line:

  • Call : 1500980
  • Email :

Claim Documents

Below are the documents that need to be submitted for insurance claim/p>

Death Benefit:

  1. Original Policy (as applied);
  2. Valid identity card of the Insured, You, the Appointed and the person who submit the request.
  3. Form of Death Benefit Claim duly and appropriately completed by You/the Appointed and by the Doctor.
  4. Photocopy of the Family Card;
  5. Original Death Certificate issued by the competent authority;
  6. Other documents as stipulated in the Policy

Total Permanent Disability Benefit:

  1. Original Policy (as applied);
  2. Valid identity card of the Insured, You, the Appointed and the person who submit the request.
  3. Letter of Statement from You/the Appointed stating the causes of Total Permanent Disability
  4. Letter of Statement from the Doctor who treated the Insured during Total Permanent Disability
  5. Medical report during hospital treatment for Total Permanent Disability Claim.
  6. Other documents as stipulated in the Policy


The Insurance Benefit contained in this Policy shall not be paid if the Insured dies or suffer from total permanent disability because of following:

  • Pre-existing conditions;
  • Medication or treatment related to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), AIDS Related Complex or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection;
  • The Insured prepares for or participates in an agility, speed competition and so forth using a motor vehicle on land, water or air or the like;
  • The Insured’s involvement in Sports activities or pleasure / hobby with high risk, such as: diving, skydiving, mountain climbing, rock climbing (both artificial and natural), bungee jumping, sports physical contact (including wrestling, boxing, karate), rafting, race competition (both motor and non-motor vehicles) and sports activities or other dangerous hobbies;
  • The Insured’s involvement directly or indirectly in wars (whether declared or not), invasion by other countries, operation of hostile nature or resembling wars (whether declared or not), terrorism, civil wars, insurrection, riot or turmoil as a part of or constituting general upheaval, military rise, resistance/fights, revolutions, military or armed force, martial law, participation in military actions/activities;
  • Engagement in flight or the like, unless if the Insured is as a passenger in an airline having fixed and regular flight schedule, and having flight licenses.
  • The Insured intentionally injures him/herself or attempt a suicide or any other acts toward the similar purpose; whether done in conscious or not.
  • Mental and/or psychiatric illness or treatment by Psychiatry;
  • The Insured under the influence of or involved in the abuse of narcotics, psychotropic drugs, alcohol, poisons, gas or similar substances, or drugs (except where such drugs or substances are used based on recommendation by a Doctor);
  • The Insured deliberately doing or participating in a brawl, crime, or crime/ violation of laws , or an attempted crime/ attempted laws violation, actively or not.
  • Insurance crime committed by the party who has/have or jointly having interest in this insurance protection;
  • Malpractice conducted by a Doctor and other medical actions conducted by non-Doctor;
  • Ionizing radiation or radioactive contamination from nuclear fuel or nuclear waste from nuclear fusion or nuclear weapon material;
  • Congenital abnormalities arises before the Insured’ age reaches 17 (seventeen) years old;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and/or all diseases caused by sexual disorder.
  • Treatment or direct or indirect actions related to pregnancy, giving birth, abortion, sterilization, or attemps to gain fertility;
  • Treatment or direct or indirect actions related to eyesight/both eyes refraction.
  • Alternative or experimental treatment;or
  • Plastic surgery or cosmetics, dental treatment and care, except reconstruction surgery as well as dental treatment and care of natural teeth due to disease or injury caused by accident, which is deemed necessary by a Doctor.



  • Secure Life In Care is an insurance product issued by PT AIA FINANCIAL as the Insurer. This product is NOT a bank product, NOT a saving or NOT a bank deposit, NOT an obligation and is not guaranteed by Citibank, N.A (“Citibank”), Citigroup or its affiliates. Secure Life In Care is not included as an object of deposit guaranteed program (LPS) and customer are exposed to the credit risk of PT AIA Financial. The use of Citibank’s logo is a form of marketing cooperation with distribution business model between Citibank and PT. AIA FINANCIAL and does not mean that the insurance product is a product of Citibank. The participation of customers in the insurance products of PT. AIA FINANCIAL is optional (customer’s choice).
  • Details of benefits, terms and conditions are attached in the Policy issued by PT. AIA FINANCIAL. Citibank is not responsible for Policy issued by PT. AIA FINANCIAL inside insurance product. Prospective buyer of insurance product must read and obey with the terms and conditions of Secure Life In Care as stated in the policy. There are some conditions in which the insurance benefit cannot be paid. It is listed on the Policy Exclusions. Customers are advised to read the Policy to obtain more detailed information regarding benefit exclusion list.
  • In the event of insurance benefit claim rejection, then Citibank has no obligation to explain the respective claim rejection reason. If the Insured does not agree to the terms and conditions as specified in the Policy for any reasons whatsoever, the coverage can be cancelled within 30 (thirty) days since the issued Policy date (“Free Look Period”). In such case, the Policy shall automatically become ineffective from the Effective Date of the Policy and there is no insurance protection shall become Insurer’s obligation to the Insured.
  • Insured will be exposed to the credit risk of insurance company, which means the insurance policy involves risks, in which there is possibility that insurance companies is not financially capable to pay the payable money as stated in Policy document, and may result potential lost in some part of insured value and other values as stated in Policy document. PT AIA FINANCIAL has been successfully maintaining its financial performance to exceed the capital adequacy standard determined by the Government.
  • PT. AIA FINANCIAL product offered through the marketing agreement between Citibank with PT AIA FINANCIAL as the Insurer and has been reported and/or receive affirmation letter and/or approval from Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK) and related authority. PT AIA FINANCIAL is registered and being monitored by Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK).