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The Citibank One-Time PIN (OTP)

The Citibank One-Time PIN (OTP)


The Citibank One-Time PIN is a unique single use PIN which can be generated through the Citibank Mobile App, Citibank Token or sent as an SMS to your mobile phone. You'll need to enter this anytime you want to perform an online transaction or query through Citibank Online.One-Time PIN provides a stronger, smarter method for authenticating your online transactions so you can have peace of mind when banking online.

Citi Mobile® Token

Use the Citi Mobile® Token for better security and ease to authenticate your transactions, as an alternative to One-Time PIN (OTP) via SMS or Token OTP.


    Protected by a 6-digit Unlock Code of your choice, and restricted to one mobile device only.


    Enter your unique Unlock Code to instantly authenticate your transactions in Citi Mobile® App on your Citi Mobile®Token enabled device. No more waiting for an OTP via SMS or worrying about misplacing your Online Security Device.

  • EASY

    Authenticates online transactions, such as fund transfers, adding a new payee and updating your contact details through Citibank Online.

How to register

Click on "Enable Citi Mobile® Token" on the sign on page, and proceed to sign on.

Authenticate yourself using a SMS OTP or an Online Security Device.

Create your personal Unlock Code.

This Unlock Code will be used for future transaction via Citibank Online or Citi Mobile.

You can now start using your Citi Mobile® Token.


The Citibank One-Time PIN is a randomly generated six digit password sent via SMS to your mobile device, and provides a stronger method for authenticating your online transactions so you can have peace of mind when banking.

  • Banking online using the SMS One-Time PIN

    Log into Citibank Online using your User ID and Password. Then when you perform an online transaction, you will be sent a One-Time PIN via SMS to enter before proceeding. You will only be required to enter one One-Time PIN per session.

    Please ensure you have your latest mobile number registered with us.

Token OTP

The Citibank Token One-Time PIN can generate the six digit password immediately just by a click of a button.

  • Generate your One-Time PIN manually.

    You can now generate your One-Time PIN manually without the need for an internet connection or network coverage. It's just a click of a button away. Perfect for you who travels frequently.

    Get your token at the nearest Citibank branch or contact your RM.

Token Activation:

Login to Citibank Online with your User ID and Password.

Click on 'My Profile'.

  • Click on 'Hardware Token Registration'.
  • Enter your Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • Enter your token serial number (you can find it at the back of your token).
  • Generate an OTP using your token and enter the 6 digit OTP generated by your token.

You can now start using your Citibank Token.

Receiving an OTP Overseas

Before travelling overseas, there are several ways you can receive a One-Time PIN:

Download the Citibank Mobile App

The One-Time PIN mobile app feature allows you to generate an offline OTP for use when banking on Citibank Online, anywhere in the world.This feature is free to use internationally as no network coverage or internet connection is required to generate an offline OTP.You will only need to receive one SMS OTP to complete the initial registration process.

Receiving the SMS One-Time PIN

If you don't have an iPhone or Android device, you will need to activate global roaming on your mobile phone before travelling , to be able to receive the SMS One-Time PIN.The SMS One-Time PIN has been optimised for international delivery and is still delivered instantly.

Bring along your Citibank Token

If you don't have an iPhone or Android device, and you don't wish to activate global roaming on your mobile phone, simply carry along your Citibank Token. You can manually generate your One-Time PIN anytime and anywhere.

Lost your phone?

If you lose or have your phone stolen and it is no longer accessible for you to receive or generate a One-Time PIN (OTP), please do one of the following:

If using the SMS OTP Solution:

If you want to stop your phone receiving an SMS OTP, please contact your network provider and put a block on your number until you have a replacement phone.

If you are worried about access to your online banking accounts, please call CitiPhone on 69999 (or +62 21 2529999 if calling from overseas) and they can put a block on your internet banking access (this block will apply to online banking access on all devices).

When you replaced your phone, give CitiPhone another call and they will unblock your online banking access.

If using the OTP Mobile App solution:

If you have registered for OTP on your smartphone, and have a replacement device available, simply download the Citibank Mobile App onto your replacement device and register for One-Time PIN.

Only one device at a time can be registered for OTP, so registering a new device will automatically unregister your lost device.

Alternatively call CitiPhone on 69999 (or +62 21 2529999 if calling from overseas) and they can unregister your lost device from OTP so an OTP can't be generated on it.


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