Transfer and Payment

Citibank Online.

Flexible fund transfer, anywhere, anytime.

Citibank Online. Flexible fund transfer, anywhere, anytime.

Move your money to domestic or international banks, without hassle and no charges.

Right for you if:
Transfer and Payment
Right for you if:
  1. You want the flexibility and convenience of sending money anytime, anywhere.
  2. You do not have time to go to a Citibank branch.
  3. You need to send money to your loved ones or business partner.
  • Real-time transfer to ATM Bersama banks including BCA
    With Citibank Online, enjoy the convenience of moving your money real-time to more than 75 banks in Indonesia, including BCA. Alternatively, you can also use transfer via Clearing (SKN) to almost all banks in Indonesia, which effective in maximum of 2 business days.
  • Citibank Global Transfer
    Sending money abroad is easier with Citibank Global Transfer, you can transfer money real-time to Citibank in more than 15 countries.
  • Scheduled Transfer
    Set your future date or a schedule every month, your regular payment or transfer instruction will be carried out automatically.
  • Citibank 1Bill
    If you have a Citi Credit Card, forget the hassle of remembering due dates of your bills. Register 1Bill to pay your monthly bills automatically with your Citi Credit Card.

Perform Payment and Transfer

  • Select 'Payments and Transfers' on your top navigation.
  • You will be prompted to key in your One-Time PIN (OTP). Click here to learn more about One-Time PIN (OTP)
  • Click 'Add Payee' if you performing a Payment and Transfer for the first time to the beneficiary. Follow the steps to register your payee/beneficiary in the next section below.
  • Choose the beneficiary from the payee list and your source of fund.
  • Complete the transfer information (i.e. amount, etc).
  • Confirm to perform payment/transfer.

Add Payee

  • You will be required to provide information on your beneficiary/transfer recipient
  • For transfer to ATM Bersama or via Clearing (SKN), click ‘FIND’ to search for Bank Code.
  • Once completed, you need to activate the Payee. Transaction Activation Code (TAC) will be required to activate your payee.
  • TAC will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone. Alternatively, you can retrieve TAC by calling our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking 69999 using your Telephone-PIN (T-PIN).
  • Once your Payee is active, you can perform payment or transfer to you registered beneficiary.
  • Follow the steps to perform Payment and Transfer available in previous section above.
Limit and Fees
Limit Transfer time Fee
Transfer within Citibank      
Transfer between my accounts Unlimited Real-time Free
Pay my credit card Unlimited Real-time Free
Transfer to other Citibank’s account IDR500,000,000 Real-time Free
Transfer to other banks in Indonesia      
Real-time transfer via ATM Bersama banks (including to BCA) IDR100,000,000 (IDR25,000,000 per transaction) Real-time Free
Transfer via Clearing (SKN) IDR500,000,000 (IDR200,000,000 per transaction) Max. 2 business days Free
Transfer to banks in other countries      
Citibank Global Transfer  
Outgoing without FX*) USD10,000 Real-time Free
Incoming USD10,000 Real-time Free
*For Outgoing with FX, the daily limit applied is IDR 80 million, with monthly limit USD 25,000 (Only applied from IDR)
Telegraphic Transfer USD10,000 3-5 business days Free

*Participating countries on Citibank Global Transfer:

USA UK Thailand UAE
Australia Taiwan Vietnam Colombia
China Korea Philippines Bahrain
Singapore Malaysia Mexico Indonesia
Hong Kong India NRI Poland Japan
Transaction Activation Code

Citibank now presents Transaction Activation Code (TAC), an additional security feature for fund transfer to third party via Citibank Online.

TAC is a 6 digit code to activate Fund Recipient that is just added in Citibank Online. You only need to activate fund recipient once.

After receiving TAC, you can activate the new Fund Recipient via Citibank Online in "Transfers & Payments" at "Activate Payee" sub menu.

TAC is needed to activate Fund Recipient :

  • Citibank customer in Indonesia
  • Rupiah Fund Recipient in other banks in Indonesia
  • Citibank customer in other countries (Citibank Global Transfer)
  • Other bank's customer in foreign currency - telegraphic transfer

TAC can be received through :

  • 24-Hour CitiPhone® Banking at 69999* or (021) 252 9999 detail
  • Email, to registered email address in Citibank system

Click here to find how to get TAC via 24-Hour CitiPhone® Banking.

If your email is not registered in our system yet, please contact 24-Hour CitiPhone® Banking to register.

* Direct from your mobile phone, without area code

I've just changed my ATM PIN / CitiCard / Credit Card recently and then i cannot login, what should i do?

Click here to re-register ( Note: If you click, you also have to reset all your security question ) or click First time user

Step 1:

Enter your Citicard / Citibank Credit Card number, and your Account number, just as you use when you register your User ID and Password. For Citicard / Credit Card ATM PIN, use the most recent).

Step 2:

The system will immediately verify the data you have entered above, and if the data you enter is correct, then the User ID you will be shown on the next screen.

I have unintentionally left Citibank Online but I can't gain access immediately again. Why is that?

This is a security feature in the system that will prevent the unauthorized use of your session by anyone else. It will take about 5 minutes to clear your session before granting you access again.

I clicked on the 'x' box on the upper right corner of 'window' and I lost my connection. I tried connecting to Citibank Online but failed to do so. What should I do?

This is a security feature that will require you to exit by either clicking the 'X' box on the upper right corner of 'window' or the "Sign-Off" at the top right hand corner. In this instance, the system will take about 5 minutes to reconnect you again.

When I have a connection problem overseas, who can I contact?

You will have to call your local Internet Service Provider.

If I have problems with my Citibank Online transactions or access to whom can I request for assistance?

You may call our 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking and cite the relevant error codes where available. This will enable us to identify the problem and give you the necessary assistance.

I have problems accessing my internet, who should I contact for help?

You should approach your own Internet Service Provider for assistance.

I have encountered an error message mentioning JavaScript. What should I do?

You should follow the instructions provided on the JavaScript enabling page.

What should I do if I forget my CitiCard ATM PIN or Credit Card PIN?

To request for a new ATM PIN you can go to any of Citibank's brancheslocated in the Indonesia or request from our 24-hour CitiPhone Banking. To get a new Credit Card PIN simply call our
CitiPhone Banking 24 Jamand your new PIN be sent via mail.

Where can I obtain a copy of the terms and conditions governing the use of Citibank Online?

You can find the information after you input card number and ATM PIN or credit card PIN in the CitibankOnline.

I have no difficulty in accessing Citibank Online previously but I have tried several times today and they all failed. What can I do?

You may wish to follow these simple steps before trying to reconnect:

For Netscape Communicator 4.06 or higher.

  • Click on "Edit" and choose "Preferences"
  • Double-click on "Advanced"
  • Choose "Cache"
  • Click on both "Clear Memory Cache" and "Clear Disk Cache"
  • Click on "OK"
  • Close your browser

For Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher

  • Click on "View" and choose "Internet Options"
  • Click on "General"
  • Choose "Temporary Internet Files" and click on "Delete Files"
  • Click on "Yes" to confirm
  • Close your browser

Browser yang mendukung fitur-fitur Citibank Online

Web Browser Windows
NT 4.0
Windows 2009
Mac Os X
Internet Explorer 5.5  
Internet Explorer 6    
Netscape 7.x
Mozilla 1.5+      
Safari 1.x        

Now you are ready to reconnect again.