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    Activate Your Debit Card and Fund Your Citigold Account

    Activate your Citigold Debit Card by calling Citigold Phone Banking at (021) 5296 2929 or (021) 252-9999 from your mobile.

    If you did not receive the Citigold Debit Card when you opened your account in branch, then your Debit Card will be sent to your mailing address.

    Easy steps to fund your Citigold account:

    1. Branch office / online transfer / ATM transfer through another bank
    2. Deposit Check / Cash

    Transfer funds to your account from another bank by using bank code 031.

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    Register for Citibank Online

    With your Citigold ATM/Debit Card and PIN in hand, register for Citibank Online now and enjoy the full suite of online services, including e-Statement, fund transfers and much more!


    Register for Citibank Online.Register for Citibank Online.

    Download the Citi Mobile App for your devices.Download the Citi Mobile App for your devices.

    ANDROID APP ON Google play Available on the App Store
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    Determine Your Investment Risk Profile

    Every customer has unique investment needs. By completing the Investment Risk Profiling Questionnaire, you will have a better understanding of your financial capability, investment objectives and risk appetite. Contact your Relationship Manager to guide you in completing the Questionnaire.

What Does Citigold
Mean to You?

  • Your Relationship Manager

    Your dedicated Citigold Relationship Manager will support you throughout your wealth journey and your day-to-day banking needs.

  • Your Team of Advisors

    Your Relationship Manager will partner with Citi's team of specialists who can provide strategies that meet your financial goals.

  • Wealth Advisory

    The Citigold Relationship is a unique and rewarding experience that comes with the assurance that our banking products and services are designed to meet your financial goals.

  • Rewards & Privileges

    As Citigold Customer, you will enjoy a full suite of financial and lifestyle privileges, series of events, various gifts on your birthday and special celebrations, and exclusive benefits that are offered to special individuals like yourself.

Wealth Planning

Are You A
Global Traveler?

Global ATM Withdrawal

Your Citigold Debit Card lets you withdraw cash fee-free from over 13,000 Citi ATMs worldwide. Find a Citibank branch or ATM near your next destination.

Learn More >

Citigold Passporting Status

Extend Citigold status in host country, and get access to Citigold Centers around the world with Citigold Passporting Status.

As a Citigold client, you can access International SOS (ISOS) to help with medical needs around the world while traveling.

Simply make a collect call using the exclusive Citigold Emergency hotline (+65) 6339 7370 or visit www.internationalsos.com, entering the Citi membership number "021100A" to access the service.

Emergency Cash Support

If you lose your cash or Debit Cards while travelling, you can withdraw emergency cash of up to Rp100 millions at no charge from your account at any Citigold branch worldwide.

Citi World Privileges

Shop and dine like a local anywhere in the world with Citi World Privileges.

Are You A
Global Citizen?

Complimentary Access To Citigold Centre

Show your Citigold Debit Card and get exclusive access to any Citigold Centre around the world.

Citibank Global Transfer

Enjoy real-time and free fund transfer to Citibank accounts in more than 20 countries, sending money to your loved ones is easier and more convenient.

Manage Your

  • Online Banking

    Manage your accounts 24/7 securely wherever you are.

  • Mobile Banking

    The ease to manage your account is just one click away with Citi Mobile App.

  • E-Statement

    Access and download your statements securely at your convenience from Citibank Online. Enroll now if you've not already done so.

  • Citi Alerts Service

    Subscribe to our free Citi Alerts Service and get instant SMS and email alerts when there are any transactions on your accounts or when your trades are executed.

  • Global View of Accounts

    View all account balances from your various global Citibank relationships in more than 10 countries through a single secure page in Citibank Online.

Toll-Free Access

Contact our Citigold Phone Banking at (021) 5296 2929 or (021) 252-9999 from your mobile. You may also access Home Connect at IDD - 800 - 5784 2633 (IDD - 800 - CITI - CODE) from anywhere in the world for account assistance. IDD Code depends on country location where you are calling from.

Your Citigold Network

Find the nearest branches or over 13,000 Citi ATMs in various countries. With access to 340 Citigold Centers and more than 2,700 Citibank branches in 20 countries, enjoy various benefits, privileges and your Citigold status anywhere.